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RUST: How To Earn Twitch Drops – List Of Streamers & Rewards

Rust: Here's a quick guide covering how to earn Drops on Twitch.

If you love to play and watch your favourite streamers playing Rust on Twitch then we have got you a piece of good news. The developer of Rust, Facepunch Studios has just made an announcement that all Twitch viewers and Rust players will be able to get rewards through Twitch Drops. This facility will only be available for a limited period of time.

Apart from earning in-game rewards via Twitch Drops, RUST players will also get a massive discount this weekend if they purchase its DLCs like the Instruments Pack and Sunburn Pack.

RUST: How To Earn Twitch Drops?

The developer of the game has just added streamer specific rewards for a bunch of popular steamers —  Jacksepticeye, Shroud, Myth, Pokimane and more. To get in-game rewards, you will have to tune in to your favourite streamers on Twitch.

There is a Drops Enable tag on streams and you can check your progress towards the next reward in the Twitch Drops Inventory page. It should be noted that you can’t watch multiple streams at the same time.

To get Drops on Twitch, you don’t need to have Twitch Prime as Crates will pop up in your Steam inventory after pressing the claim button. To open crates via Steam, you will need to follow the simple steps.

  • Open Rust
  • Click Inventory in the Main Menu
  • Select and open the Crate

To get started, you will have to visit Twitch and login with your Steam account and activate Twitch Drops.

List of streamers and rewards:

Twitch Drops Rewards

  • Auronplay – AuronPlay Hoodie
  • Jacksepticeye – Jacksepticeye Storage
  • Lilypichu – Lilypichu Jacket
  • Ludwig – Ludwig Hoodie
  • Myth – Myth Chestplate
  • Pokimane – Pokimane Garage door
  • Shroud – Shroud Hoodie
  • Sykkuno –  Sykkuno Longsleeve T-shirt
  • xQcOW – xQc Assault Rifle

General Twitch Drops

  • Sofa
  • Industrial Door
  • Hobo Barrell

Apart from adding streamer-specific rewards, Facepunch Studios has announced that it had enabled Twitch Drops and launched four new EU Servers via its monthly update.

“We’re expecting to see huge player counts over the coming days, server capacity is something we’re keeping a close eye on and proactively bringing more servers online,” the studio wrote in a post on its official site. “We’re already boosting the official server count by 13 servers preemptively today.”

That’s everything you need to know about how to earn Twitch Drops in Rust. While here, ensure reading about how to create, join, invite and leave Team in Rust.