Who Is Big Chungus & Is He Coming To Multiversus?

No idea about Big Chungus, a character that's supposedly coming to Multiversus? Here's everything to know about the origin of the meme.

Who is Big Chungus in Multiversus? As you might have heard (thanks to Andrew Marmo), Warner Bros has filed for a trademark for “Big Chungus” for the use in a video game. This means, there’s a chance the Big Chungus may be coming to the crossover title’s Roster. If you haven’t seen this meme and want to know more about its origin, read on.

Who is Big Chungus? (Meme Origin Explained)

big chungus origin meme

Big Chungus is a “fat” Bugs Bunny that was first seen in a classic Merrie Melodies cartoon of Wabbit Twouble back in 1941. In the clip (shown below), Bugs Bunny transforms into a chunky version of himself to mock Elmer by imitating his look. This stays for a few seconds and then, he changes back to his original form.

This short appearance went viral in 2018 because someone created a fake cover art for a game called Big Chungus with this image. It seems that a parent went to a GameStop in Colorado Springs and asked to buy this non-existent game due to it. Once the picture picked up steam on Reddit and other meme pages, there was no looking back. The word “chungus” was created by video game journalist James Stephanie Sterling in 2012 and memelords have matched it with Bugs Bunny to create the viral term.

Soon after it became famous, the character made an appearance in the mobile game, Looney Tunes World of Mayhem. In the trailer below, you can see that his chonkiness gives him a distinct advantage in terms of attacks which is something we may see in Multiversus.

Apart from that, Space Jam A New Legacy (2021) gave viewers a glimpse of Big Chungus in a scene with LeBron James.

Is Big Chungus and Bugs Bunny the Same Person?

In the original video, yes, but we will have to wait and watch if Bugs Bunny transforms into Big Chungus as a special attack, shows up as a skin or appears as a brand new character in the Roster. If it’s the latter, it will be fun to see Bugs Bunny battle it out with the Big version. When more information is revealed, we will update this article.

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