MultiVersus LeBron James Guide: Best Moves, Perks, & Tips

Check out our guide on the best perks, moves, and tips for LeBron James in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is a platform fighter video game that features a plethora of the most iconic characters. LeBron James is the newest addition to the roster of these characters. Like all the players, he has a wide range of moves that you can strategize to defeat your opponents and save the Multiverse. We have compiled the best moves, perks, and some tips to use this character. So, here’s our guide that explains all moves, perks, and tips for LeBron James in MultiVersus.

Best Moves & Perks for LeBron James in MultiVersus

Given LeBron’s role in Space Jam and an exceptional NBA career, it is natural that his main move will be to throw basketballs. He is a bruiser-class character originating from Space Jam: A New Legacy movie. That means he can fight the opponents from close range as well as long range. With advanced flexibility, LeBron does what he does best in most of his championships, “Clutch!”

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So, here are all the moves of LeBron James:

Ground Moves

Shoulder Check (Neutral)

If you follow Basketball, you would know what a Shoulder Check means and how dirty can it get. When LeBron uses this move, he gains armor as he dashes forward. You can use this move with or without a Basketball. While you dash forward and hit your opponent with a basketball, you can charge a push without one.

Dime Drop (Side)

This is a swiping combo that ends with an Alley-Oop move with a basketball. On the contrary, he performs a forward steal without a Basketball.

Take it the Rim (Up)

LeBron flexes and spins the Basketball on his finger. You can use this move at close range to damage your opponents. If he doesn’t have the ball, he will leap upwards and swipe.

Work the Floor (Down)

With a basketball, he sweeps and dribbles the basketball around his ankles. Alternatively, he will slam both his hands downwards without the Ball.

multiversus best moves perks tips for lebron james

Air Moves

Make Room (Neutral)

LeBron sweeps the Basketball around his hips to confuse his opponents. Without the basketball, he simply pounds his chest to push away his enemies.

Check (Side)

He pounds the Basketball to damage his enemies. Without the ball, he will perform a forward steal on his opponents.

Alley-Oop (Up)

If he has a basketball, he will dunk and perform alley-oop. But without the ball, he will swipe overhead of his opponents.

Watch your Head! (Down)

While he tosses the basketball between his legs, he performs a downward swipe without one.

Special Moves

These are the moves that Lebron can perform on the ground as well as Aerial.

Buckets! (Special Neutral)

LeBron aims and throws a Basketball as a projectile. If he doesn’t have a Basketball, he can also summon one using this move. Although a cooldown applies to summoning the Basketball.

L-Train! (Special Side)

With this move, LeBron leaps and dunks the ball downwards against his opponents. While performing this move, he becomes a projectile with the Ball itself. If you had passed the ball to an ally and he throws it on the enemies, using this move will warp or teleport you onto the opponent’s location. Then, you will dunk downwards onto your opponent. But make a note that the thrown ball should hit the opponent.

Got Hops (Special Up)

Using this move, you can shoot the ball upwards as a projectile. As it is a Special move, you can also use it in the air.

Denied (Special Down)

This is yet another Projectile move that makes LeBron spike the basketball downwards. If you don’t have a ball, he performs a blocking stance with a fence around him. You will get a basketball for blocking one of your opponent’s moves.

Best Perks for LeBron James

Mentioned below are the best perks to pick from:

For Three!

If you use this perk, the basketball will explode when it hits the enemy. You can also use this perk with your ally, as they throw the basketball forward.

Leg Day Champ!

You will obtain a 10% additional jump height using this perk.

I Dodge you, Dodge We Dodge!

As the name suggests, this perk activates upon dodging your opponent’s attacks. You gain an additional 10% cooldown as you use your abilities.

Make it Rain, Dog!

Your team gains an additional 20% projectile speed as you use this perk.

Tips & Strategy for LeBron James in MultiVersus

We suggest keeping Basketball always in handy during matches. In my opinion, L-Train and Buckets are one of the best moves to use. As he is a Bruiser-type character, use him in close-ranged as well as long-ranged fights. Also, Lebron can pass the ball to an Ally. So, he can also make a great support character as well.

That’s everything covered about the best moves, perks, and tips for LeBron James in MultiVersus. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on the full roster list and how to unlock all characters, best perks for Finn, and more Multiversus Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.