MultiVersus: Who Are Black Adam & Stripe?

Who are Black Adam & Stripe & when are they coming to Multiversus? Is there a release date?

MultiVersus’ season 1 is underway and already features a powerful roster of characters from iconic franchises. From the official website, we can understand that Black Adam and Stripe are two upcoming characters, but when are they really coming to MultiVersus? Is the release date available? Here’s everything that’s known right now.

When do Black Adam & Stripe Release in MultiVersus?

black adam stripe release date

The official release date of Black Adam & Stripe in MultiVersus is not yet known but there’s some strong speculation that may prove to be true. Black Adam is an upcoming DC movie that is releasing worldwide on October 21, 2022. Since Game x Movie crossovers are common these days, there’s a high chance that Black Adam is coming to MultiVersus at the end of September or early October. Stripe is a character from the black comedy horror film Gremlins which means it could be a Halloween-themed release. There’s a chance that Stripe will release in mid-October. We will update this article when official information is released.

Who is Black Adam? (Multiversus Character)

Black Adam has appeared in a game previously and that’s Injustice, but this one seems to be a well-executed version of the character. He is an antihero played by Dwayne the Rock Johnson in the 2022 movie.

Black Adam was born as Teth-Adam, the young prince of Kahndaq. He was chosen as the first champion to bestow his powers. If you are familiar with 2019’s film, Shazam!, then you might be familiar with the powers the champions receive. But unlike Billy Batson, who received powers from Greek & Roman Gods of the DC universe, due to several events, Teth-Adam was blessed with powers of Egyptian gods. So his powers are from gods Shu (S), Heru (H), Amon (A), Zehuti (Z), Aton (A), and Mehen (M). He got Shu’s endurance, swiftness of Heru, the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti, power of Atonm, and courage of Mehen.

Teth-Adam was a worthy champion till bandits killed his wife and child. He then sought out any means to bring justice to the people of the earth, which unwillingly released Seven Deadly Sins, destroyed the lives of millions, and thus became evil in the process. He was imprisoned for 5000 years and escaped his binds recently.

Who is Stripe? (Multiversus Character)

As you may have guessed from the cover photo of MultiVersus season 1, Stripe is a character from the 1984 film called Gremlins. Many Millenials and Genz players may be unaware of Stripe but here’s a short summary. He’s the smarter and scarier version of gremlins and is equal parts mischievous and evil. If you are wondering how Stripe turned into a gremlin, basically, he is one of the five Mogwai that are born after water from a paintbrush jar gets spilled over Gizmo. Stripe is called Stripe due to the white section of hair in the middle of his head.

Mogwai are not to be exposed to sunlight because they will die. If you spill water on them, they will spawn more Mogwai. And do not feed them after midnight, because if you do, they will become Gremlins.

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To get a gist of the lore, here’s a fun animated video that you can check out.

Season 1 ends on November 15, 2022. For more related to Multiversus like strategies, tips, and tricks, check out our guides here.