Where To Find Vermeer Paintbrush In Genshin Impact

Find Vermeer's paintbrush in Genshin Impact to proceed further in the Luhua Landscape quest.

Genshin Impact has several quests for you to complete. One of the many quests that you will come across while exploring the world of Teyvat is the Luhua Landscape quest. It is a multi-task world quest. The quest is pretty straightforward to understand and complete, except for a single task which is to find Vermeer paintbrush in Genshin Impact.

The Luhua Landscape quest is completely based near the Luhua Pool in the Liyue region. It all begins when you interact with an NPC named Vermeer. He is an artist who has lost his equipment. Vermeer tasks you to find his paintbrush and paints. In this Vermeer paintbrush Genshin Impact guide, we will walk you through the exact locations to find his belongings.

Genshin Impact: Where to Find Vermeer’s Paintbrush and Paints

First things first, before getting into where to find Vermeer’s paintbrush it is important to know that the recommended level for this quest is 30. If you haven’t reached Adventure rank 30 yet, read our guide to boost the rank and reach their first.

Once you are at level 30, its time to start finding the paintbrush and paints. The locations to find both the things are across the lake. Hence, it is better to use fast travel and get there to save some time.

When you reach the other side of the lake, look for a campsite near the ruin area. Alongside the ruined wall, there is a glowing spot. That’s the Vermeer’s paintbrush location. Head there and collect the Vermeer’s paintbrush to proceed in the quest in Genshin Impact.

genshin impact vermeer paintbrush and paints

Next, you need to head across the lake again and visit another campsite with books lying all around. You have to look under the lip of a cliff to get the paints.

Luhua landscape quest in liyue region

That’s the locations to find Vermeer’s paintbrush and paints in Genshin Impact. This is the first task of the Luhua Landscape quest. Completing this will lead you to further tasks. Similar to the Luhua Landscape, there are several other confusing quests in Genshin Impact. You can read our guides on how to complete And This Treasure Goes To and Question And Answer quest guide in Genshin Impact. There’s also Nine Pillars of Peace and Troublesome Work quest guides to read. Reading these quests guide will help you complete the quests easily and quickly.

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