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Genshin Impact Troublesome Work Quest Guide: Best Gifts For Lisa

Get easily past the Troublesome Work quest in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is filled with quests that players will encounter across the storyline from various NPCs in the game. One such quest given by the NPC Lisa is the Troublesome Work quest. The quest is unlocked at Knights of Favonius Headquarters in Mondstadt when gamers talk to Lisa. It is a two-step quest and can be confusing to complete. The first part of the quest tasks you with choosing the best gifts for Lisa and the second part requires you to get the lost book.

Several rewards are up for grab for completing this Troublesome Work quest. Some of these rewards are EXP points, Mora, Primogems, and Mystic Enhancement Ore. In this Genshin Impact Troublesome Work quest guide, we will walk you through both the parts of the quest and how to complete them to get some exquisite rewards.

Troublesome Work Quest: Choosing Best Gifts for Lisa

Talk to Lisa in the Knights of Favonius Headquarters will unlock the quest and the first task will be to head to the Souvenir Shop, talk to Marjorie, and select her a gift. There are quite a few options, and you can also get some missing options by communicating with nearby NPCs. However, the best gift for Lisa here will be the Ragged Old Scroll.

Next, you will have to head to a nearby restaurant and talk to Sara there. Again, there will be many options for dishes available to select for Lisa. While talking with Lisa, you will come to know that she is a vegetarian. Hence, all the meat options are already off the table, and you are left to choose from the veg dishes available. Here’s the thing, order the Radish Veggie Soup straightaway. It’s veg, it’s good in taste, and it is the best option to order for Lisa.

The next and the last stop of the first part of Troublesome Work Quest is the flower shop. You have to get to the shop and talk to the NPC Donna. Donna will advise you to find Flora and speak with her for selecting the best flower for Lisa. You can find Flora in front of her shop during the daytime. After talking with Flora, you will come to know that the best flower to buy for Lisa is Cecilia.

This will finish the first part of the Troublesome Work quest and you will have to move on to the second part, which is named the Lost Book.

Best gifts for lisa

The Lost Book Sub-Quest

This quest requires you to use Elemental Sight to trace elemental energy. All you need to do is follow these traces and get to the Dungeon called Abyss Mage Stronghold. The dungeon is outside of Mondstadt. Don’t worry about the location as the traces will lead you there.

Once in the Dungeon, you will encounter a Cryo based boss. Since the boss is Cryo based, Amber’s Pyro attacks or Lisa’s Electro attacks will get the job done for you. When the boss is defeated and the domain is cleared, a treasure chest will spawn. Open the treasure chest and head back to Lisa at the library. The last thing you need to do to complete the Lost Book sub-quest and the Troublesome Work quest is to take the Teyvat Travel Guide off the bookshelf.

Doing these tasks will complete the Troublesome Work Quest. One thing to note here is that the treasure chest that you find after completing the Abyss Mage Stronghold dungeon will require Original Resin to open it. If you don’t have enough Original Resin, you can miss out on the rewards in the chest. Hence, ensure that you read our guide on how to use and restore Original Resin so that you can collect your hard-earned rewards. You can also read our guides on completing other quests in the game. For instance, you can read our Secret Island Guide and Share Not Your Treasure Quest Guide to be able to complete those quests easily.

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