Genshin Impact Secret Island Guide: Where Is It & How To Get There?

Here's a complete guide on how to find Secret Island in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is a new free to play an action role-playing game released for PC, PS 4 and Mobile. It has been a week since Genshin Impact was release but players yet to explore all the offering the game has.

However, a lot of Genshin Impact players have discovered a secret island in the map while returning back to the starting point. The secret island not only has a few treasure chests but also a great questline for players to discover.  

However, you should know that the quest in the secret island needs players to be on level 40 before making an attempt. So, don’t try to get there before so soon, or else, you will get knocked out the quest.

How to find a secret island in Genshin Impact?

Secret Island Genshin Impact

Discovering the secret island in Genshin Impact is not much difficult if you know where to look. From where you first spawned in the game at the beach near Starfell Lake when the game starts. You will have to head back to the same location and look directly to the East and you will be able to make your way to the secret island.

If you have been playing the game ever since it was launched, you must know that it has multiple characters belonging to different elements. There are various characters in the game such as earth, wind, water, fire, lightning, and ice element in the game.

However, in order to get to the secret island, you need to have a character of the ‘Cryo’ element i.e, to create an ice bridge to reach the destination. If you have more than one Cryo elements characters then you could reach Secret island instantly.

What can you get on the Genshin Impact Secret Island?

While exploring Genshin Impact Secret Island, you will find a bunch of things that you would surely want to grab.

  • “Seeds of Stories, Brought By the Wind…” Achievement for reaching the nameless island northeast of Mondstadt – 5 Primogem
  • Crabs, used for making Crab Roe and in cooking
  • 1x Exquisite Chest on the North Beach
  • 1x Common Chest near the center of the ruins
  • 1x Luxurious Chest hidden behind the east side of the island half submerged
  • 1x Anemoculus can obtain this by floating from the highest tower

The last thing you could find on the secret island is a sundial with markings on it referencing the Wind and Light. After having conversation with the sundial, you will begin the quest “Time and the Wind.”

  • Quest – Time and the Wind (Recommended Level: 40)
  • Description: Uncover the secret of the uninhabited island
  • Flavor Text: You reach an uninhabited island across the sea, which is home to an enigmatic sundial. Who knows what secret it holds?
  • Reward: 500x AEP, 60x Primogems, 4x Hero’s Wit, 6x Mystic Enhancement Ore, 60,000x Mora

Once you have managed to complete the quest, you will also be able to unlock the ‘Nothing to Lose But Time’ achievement for unlocking the secrets of two sundials. You will earn 5 Primogems as a reward.

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