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Where To Find Echo Shards In Minecraft (Location)

This is how to get Echo Shards in this game to craft an important item.

Echo Shards are required if you are planning to craft a Recovery Compass. Although it’s a material with a “common” rarity, getting to it can prove to be difficult. To save your time, here’s where to find Echo Shards in Minecraft easily.

How to Get Echo Shards in Minecraft?


where to find echo shards minecraft

  • To find Echo Shards, players need to visit an Ancient City which is a structure in the Deep Dark biome of the Overworld. Over here, you can find loot chests that you need to open to get Echo Shards (and it’s the only place where you can get them).
  • If you haven’t visited this location already, here’s some information about the Deep Dark. It’s a dimly lit cave biome that generates in the underground region and the only biome as of now where you can find Ancient Cities. So, while exploring, if you come across Sculk blocks, Sculk veins as well as Shriekers, Catalysts and Sensors, you are in the Deep Dark.
  • Be careful here because even though there are no mobs in this biome, you should avoid triggering a Sculk Shrieker. If that happens multiple times, the Warden will appear and gives you the Darkness effect.
  • You won’t have much natural light in this area apart from Sculk Catalysts and Lava.
  • So, as soon as you get to this biome, search multiple chests to grab more than a few Echo Shards.

What to Do with Echo Shards?


Echo Shards, as of now, are only used as a crafting material to make the Recovery Compass. It’s an important resource because it shows you where you last died so that you can go back and collect your dropped items. But in the future, there are chances that the Echo Shards will have more uses as well. When that happens, we will keep you updated.

That’s all about where to find and how to get Echo Shards in Minecraft. For other latest information about the game, check out our guides on Gamer Tweak.