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How To Make Recovery Compass In Minecraft & What Does It Do

Here's how to get and use a Recovery Compass in Minecraft.

A Recovery Compass in Minecraft will help you get the direction of the location where you last died and it’s ideal to use before going to a place that’s hard to find again. It should only be held and used by the player who has died in that place and dimension. If anyone else holds it, it will keep spinning. If you want this in your inventory, here’s how to craft and get a Recovery Compass.

How to Craft a Recovery Compass in Minecraft


Recovery Compass Crafting Recipe – How to Craft

Recovery Compass Crafting Recipe

  • Players can craft a Recovery Compass with the help of x8 Echo Shards and x1 Compass.
  • You must place the Echo Shards in all the outer blocks and the Compass is placed at the very center.


How to Get Echo Shard in Minecraft

  • You will need to head to an Ancient City in order to find the Echo Shard item in the game. It’s not very easy to find an Ancient City, so we have a guide that will help make things easier.
  • Once you get to the location, Echo Shards are fairly common in chests and have a bluish-green color. Look through multiple chests in Ancient City to get this item.

How to Get a Compass in Minecraft


Compass can be crafted or you can find it while exploring.

How to Craft a Compass

how to craft compass minecraft


  • You require x4 Iron Ingot (Found via chests) and x1 Redstone Dust (that can be mined with an Iron Pickaxe/drops from Witches) to craft a compass.
  • Place the Redstone Dust in the center and Iron Ingots on top, bottom, left and right. This will help you make a Compass easily.

Where to Find Compass

If you prefer heading out into the world to find a compass, you have a better chance of finding it in chests in Shipwrecks, Villages, Ancient Cities and Strongholds.

How to Use a Recovery Compass?

  • Before heading out to a mission where you might potentially die, place the Recovery Compass in a chest. It’s best to keep it near your respawn area.
  • Now go out into the world and complete your mission. But in the unfortunate event that you die, you can click on Respawn on the pop-up.
  • Find the chest near the respawn area and grab the Recovery Compass (drag it from the Chest to your Inventory).
  • It should now show you the direction where you last died. Focus on the needle of the compass icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Head back to the location and recover/collect the items you’ve dropped.
  • This item is perfect for use in places where you are bound to get lost.

That’s all about the Recovery Compass in Minecraft. For other latest information about the game, check out our guides on Gamer Tweak.