Monopoly Go Wheel Links For Spooky Car Partners

Redeem these Monopoly Go Wheel links before they expire and complete your Spooky Cars for Spooky Car Partners rewards.

Looking for Monopoly Go wheel links to spin and get rewards of Dice, Sticker packs, and Crypt Car Token. Monopoly Go never disappoints us with its unique and useful events. The Halloween of 2023 has brought one such event called Spooky Cars Partners. Here you add four players to build & complete 4 Spooky Cars and win various milestone rewards apart from the Grand prize. Though there are plenty of ways to get the Steering Wheels, links are the fastest among them.

You just have to tap on the link we have given and let it redirect you to the game. But remember the links are time-bound, and so is the event. So make sure to use them before they are no longer useful. Apart from the links, we have also covered other useful info like how to send or gift wheels in Monopoly Go. So read till the end, help your friends, and get the rewards yourself.

Monopoly Go Spooky Car Partners Steering Wheel Links

Monopoly Go Spooky Car Partners Steering Wheel Links
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If you are playing Monopoly Go on mobile, the link will redirect you to the game and let you claim the mentioned amount of Steering Wheels, but it’s different with an emulator. If you are playing with the emulator, you’ll have to try these links from the emulator browser or it will redirect you to the game in the store. Now that you know how to use them, here are the links to use.

How to Send or Gift Wheels in Monopoly Go

When you spin the wheel using Steering Wheels, it sometimes lands on the Partner. Whenever that lands there, the player building that particular Spooky Car with you will get a Partner Gift of Steering Wheels or other in-game resources.

This wraps up our Monopoly Go Wheel links guide. Like this time-limited event, Monopoly Go launches events regularly, some better than others. We not only cover those events but also have given ways to collect free Dice, more Stickers, Tokens and a bunch of other useful items in the game. So make sure to check our dedicated Monopoly Go guides section.