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What Are Morale Rank & Fortitude Rank In Wo Long

Wondering what are Morale Rank & Fortitude Rank in Wo Long? Then here's a detailed explanation for you.

In Wo Long, Morale Rank & Fortitude Rank plays an important role, when it comes to fighting deadly battles. In this survival journey, you are going to come across various bosses that are ready to knock you down at any cost. The enemies not only tend to use a number of attacks but also unique abilities. In this case, you should surely take advantage of the Morale & Fortitude mechanics. If you want to know more about these mechanics then we have got you covered. For your reference below we have mentioned all the details about how they work in the game.

How do Morale Rank & Fortitude Rank Work in Wo Long? (Answered)

How do Morale Rank & Fortitude Rank Work in Wo Long

In Wo Long, the Morale Rank & Fortitude Rank basically indicates how much strong you are than your enemies. Morale Rank not only determines the damage you can inflict but also the amount of damage you receive. The rank is displayed over your health bar and can only go to Max 25. However, as a downside, it resets after every battle which forces you to increase it again. Just like you your enemies also have a Moarle Rank, and if it’s higher than you then the fight can get quite tense. The higher the opponent’s rank is, the more damage it can cause. The enemies have their rank displayed over their heads and their color also indicates the level of threat they are.

  • Grey Color indicates that you and your opponent have the same Morale Rank.
  • Yellow Color indicates that the enemy is 1 to 5 ranks higher than you.
  • Red Color indicates that the enemy is more than 6 ranks higher than you.

On the other hand, Fortitude Rank determines the lower the Morale Rank can go. For example, if your Morale Rank is 15 and your Fortitude Rank is 10 then, no matter how critical hits you survive, the Morale Rank can’t go below 10. This rank also resets after every stage you complete and has a cap limit that is only up to 20 Ranks.

Now you know what Morale Rank & Fortitude Rank are in Wo Long. If you are wondering how you can increase it in the game, then scroll down for more details.

How Can I Increase Morale & Fortitude Rank Points?

To increase your Morale Rank you will have to fight enemies in the game. For every Martial, and Spirit attack you hit, you gain Morale points. This also includes defeating the enemy with a normal or critical blow. However, make sure you avoid enemies’ critical hits, or else you will surely lose tons of points which will lead into decreasing your rank. When it comes to Fortitude, you can only increase it by planting Battle Flags, Controlled Battle Flags, and Marking Flags. Moreover, the Battle Flags also work as checkpoints for the level.

That’s all you need to know about what are Morale Rank & Fortitude Rank in Wo Long and how you can increase them. If you have already started the grind then check out the best Wizardry Spells to use. Also, take a look at the ways to upgrade weapons & gears in the game.