How To Upgrade Weapons And Gear In Wo Long

Sharpen your sword with this guide on how to upgrade your weapons and gear in Wo Long.

Wondering how to upgrade your weapons and gear in Wo Long? Team Ninja’s newest Wo Long is an action game set in ancient China. The souls-like game takes heavy inspiration from the developer’s Nioh series as you play a soldier in a land ravaged by war and magic. The game has a robust weapons system that once mastered is genuinely fun to experiment with. But you’ll need to upgrade your gear and weapons as you process through the games and this guide will tell you to do exactly that.

How to Upgrade Your Gear and Weapons in Wo Long

how to upgrade weapons in wo long
As you process through the game, you’ll need to upgrade your weapons in order to survive the coming rise in difficulty. You can upgrade your gear by talking to an NPC named Zhu Xia. You’ll meet her while you complete the second mission of the game Two Chivalrous Heroes. She can be found standing outside the area where the Zhuyan boss fight takes place. When you meet her the first time she will offer to upgrade your weapons and armor. You can use steel, leather, and copper to improve your gear’s base stats. You can also add some special effects to your gear if you have the required material. It is important to note that upgrading does not improve the rarity of your gear.

Zhu Xia can help you increase the base stats of Attack, Attack Power, and Bonuses of the weapon you choose. An Armor piece’s Physical Resistance, Five Phase resistance, and Spirit Defense can be increased. If you missed Zhu Xia, she can be found in the next mission The Valley of Crying Wraiths in a cave next to the first bridge. After that, she can be seen at the start of the next mission The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven. Thankfully she then remains at the Hidden Village, the game’s main hub. You can access this location after you have finished all the missions in Part 2.

That’s all we have on how to upgrade your gear and weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Check out All Stats Explained and other Wo Long guides here on Gamer Tweak.