Where Can I Watch Haikyu? (All Seasons)

These are all the platforms to watch all seasons of Haikyu!! from anywhere in the world.

After the announcement of two Haikyu!! Final anime films and revelation of Haikyū!! Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump, many Haikyu fans want to refresh their memory by bingeing the four seasons of the Haikyu. And there are also those who wish to watch Haikyu for the first time. By the time of writing this guide, Haikyu is considered one of the best sports anime. The characters are likable; their passion, story, drama, music, and realistic animation all collaborate to make it the must-watch.

Anime has a global fanbase. Being part of that fanbase, I understand how difficult it is for us international fans to find the streaming platform that streams what we want. So for the love of Hinata, I went through all the platforms and made a list of platforms to watch anime Haikyu from almost everywhere in the world.

Where Can I Watch All Seasons of Haikyu?

Where Can I Watch All Seasons of Haikyu
Image Credit: Crunchyroll

Now, before we talk about the platforms, you must know that these streaming services don’t provide the exact same content in all countries. Meaning it is possible that it might not be streaming the Haikyu in your country. After you have learned about the platform, check their sites before getting a subscription. With that said, let us check the streaming platforms:


In most countries where Crunchyroll is accessible, you’ll find Haikyu!! The content is available in Japanese audio with English subtitles. All four seasons of the anime are available there. And there is a high probability that the movie will also get added when the sub or dub is released. Additionally, we have a way for international fans to watch Haikyu from anywhere in the world.


From Haikyu!! to Haikyu!! TO THE TOP, all four seasons can be binged on Netflix. Similar to Crunchyroll, it is available in most countries where Netflix is available. But here, you’ll find the Haikyu with multiple audio and sub-options. It is available in Mandarin and German audio apart from the Japanese. As for the sub, you’ll find Italian, Indonesian, German, Thai, and several other languages.

Disney+ Hotstar

Where To Watch Haikyu!! All Seasons
Image Credit: Disney+ Hotstar

This also streams all four seasons of the anime but is unavailable for a few regions. Disney+ Hotstar in the past few years has released several dubbed and subbed Asian content, including Japanese series and anime. It wouldn’t be any surprise if the anime became available before or anytime after the launch of Haikyū!! Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump.

Amazon Prime

Though not in all places, in some locations Amazon Prime streams Haikyu!! Amazon’s Prime Video services are constantly expanding, introducing new series, movies, and more as we speak. So if it is not available in your region, it might get added in the near future.

With this, you can now find and binge-watch all seasons of Haikyu!! from anywhere in the world. There are so many anime that one would never be short of their favorite genre. Especially if the theme is OP MC, Vampire, or Isekai. Here we cover many of them in our anime section, so skim through them if you want to watch any of those themes.