Top 10 Best Vampire Anime You Must Watch Now In 2023

Enjoy exploring anime with creatures of the dark? Check out this list of the best anime about Vampires.

Legends and folklores to modern-day fantasy vampires have left their mark everywhere. From unparalleled beauty to a symbol of terror, description changed with time and myth to fiction. But what didn’t change was our curiosity for this unknown, yet widely known being. Our best vampire anime list here also presents stories revolving around the life and world of these undead beings. You’ll fall in love with their characters, consider them like everyone else, or start hating them for their beliefs and sometimes cruelty.

No matter how you find these beings in the stories, we can assure you that you’ll get something worth bingeing here. Although we have tried our best to add vampire anime that deserve the position, these rankings are subjective. Still, we hope you find this list of the best anime about vampires interesting.

Best Anime about Vampires

Vampire in the Garden

Vampire in the Garden
Image Credit: Wit Studio

In a world engulfed with hatred for a different kind, a vampire queen and a human soldier desire to find a peace and place where both co-exist. And this has made them the target of both sides. Will they be able to achieve their dreams and find the place they are so desperately looking for or will their journey be cut short due to the animosity of their races? This is something you’ll look forward to.

The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas
Image Credit: Bones Studio

According to the legends, a vampire born on the blue moon created a cursed grimoire known as the Book of Vanitas. Now this book is being searched by vampire Noé Archiviste, but to his surprise, the book is in the hands of the human called Vanitas. And he claims to be a vampire specialist, even though he is a human. Accompany Vanitas in his adventure to learn the mystery of the grimoire and legends itself.

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
Image Credit: Madhouse

Born of a vampire father and human mother, D is a dhampir. He hunts vampires and other dark beings. This is a classic vampire anime that is the sequel to the even older tale Vampire Hunter D. In this addition he was asked to bring the kidnapped daughter of the affluent family and was offered a good bounty. Now he is not only to save her from the kidnapper but also those who seek the bounty. And…there seems to be more than meets the eye


Best Vampire Anime Shiki
Image Credit: Daume

Sotoba used to be a peaceful town until the people of this place started dying mysteriously. Town’s doctor, Toshio Ozaki suspects that the cause of these deaths might be more sinister than it seems. As he is searching for the truth, he gets accompanied by more people with the same doubts as his. But the truth might not be something that one handles without getting shaken to the core – especially when it is leading them to Kanemasa Mansion.

Seraph of the End

Best Vampire Anime Seraph of the End
Image Credit: Wit Studio

In 2012 a mysterious virus infected humans and eradicated all above the age of 13. That is when the mythical creatures of the dark raised and claimed that they would protect humans in exchange for the blood. But that clearly wasn’t all, orphans like Yuichiro and Mikaela were nothing more than livestock. So they decided to escape, which led Mikaela to sacrifice his life for his friend Yuichiro. Fortunately, Yuichiro was saved by the Moon Demon Company, who helped him become capable of seeking revenge on vampires.


Best Vampire Anime Castlevania
Image Credit: Powerhouse Animation

Questioning the belief of good and evil, right and wrong, the Castlevania is something that is gray rather than black and white. Just as humans or any other being with emotions would be when they want to save their loved ones or seek revenge for them. Vampire Vlad Dracula Tepes’ wife is burned after being accused of witchcraft. Furious with this he summons a demon army and unleashes the bloodshed humans have never faced. In the middle of that emerges the family of monster hunters who’ll do everything to take these demons down.


Vampire Anime Blood+
Image Credit: Production I.G

Saya Otanashi, unsure of her real identity lived a peaceful life with her adoptive family and kept suffering from anemia. But that all changed when she encountered an undead creature and discovered her real powers with the help of a mysterious man named Haji. Now Saya is chasing her past with the help of her new companions while fighting the creatures of the dark. With a thriller, suspense, good music, and animation best of its time, this vampire anime is a must-watch.

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate
Image Credit: Funimation

Talk about vampires is incomplete without the mention of the Hellsing. Hellsing as we know are the ultimate exterminator of vampires and all creatures of the dark. But their most deadly weapon is also a vampire named Alucard. Alucard swore his loyalty to the Hellsing after getting defeated by the Van Hellsing about a hundred years ago. And till now, he’s protecting the Hellsing and destroying anyone that poses a threat to the leader of the Hellsing family.

Blood Lad

Vampire Anime Blood Lad
Image Credit: Brain’s Base

Staz Charlie Blood is a ruler of the Eastern district of Demon World. He is a powerful vampire who is feared by everyone, but that is because they haven’t seen the otaku side of him. He doesn’t see humans as his prey, rather is completely obsessed with Japanese culture, manga, anime, and games. One day a Japanese high schooler girl ends up in his domain, he’s elated to meet her, but she mistakenly gets killed and becomes a ghost. And now he’ll do everything to bring her back to life.


Image Credit: Production I.G

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel is a Noblesse who woke up after the slumber of 820 years. His loyal servant Frankenstein to protect his master and keep him close by enrolled him in the Ye Ran High School. Rai is a True Noblesse, but after so many years there seems to be a lot of confusion in regards to Nobles, Vampires, and Noblesse. And since Raizel is the Noblesse, the threat is everywhere. This anime is based on the famous manhwa of the same name, so what has come by the time of writing is just an ounce of the story. If new seasons are released in the future, there will be a lot more for you to enjoy.

From the darkest psychology to light-hearted adventure, this list of vampire anime covered all we found best. So if you found the list interesting and found something new to binge, you should check our other anime lists. You can start with the anime where the MC is OP and then feel the shades of emotion with our saddest anime.

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