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Wasteland 3 October 11: Where To Find The Synth For Wolfe’s Hunt

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One of the sidequests missions in Wasteland 3 is Wolfe’s Hunt. Gary “NaCl” Wolfe, a former character in the Wasteland game series will give you this mission. When you meet him in your HQ, he will give you this dangerous mission of finding a synth “October 11” in Wasteland 3. All that you get about the location of Synth is “Somewhere in Colorado Springs.” That’s like finding a needle in the haystack. But that’s what we are here for. This location guide will discuss where to find the Synth October 11 for Wolfe’s Hunt in Wasteland 3.


Where to Find The Synth October 11 For Wolfe’s Hunt in Wasteland 3

Somewhere in Colorado Springs is the “Museum”. Yes, you will find the October 11 in the Museum. However, you cannot get to it from the front door as it is locked, but there’s an alternative door to enter. Once you are in the Museum, go ahead and check the animatronics at the upper left corner. The Synth, October-11, will be there among the animatronics. It won’t be easy to get the Synth. You will first have to stun the Synth using Nerd Stuff 4. This will get you the Synth.

When Synth is in your hold, he will give you two options either to let him escape or destroy him immediately. If you let him escape then, Gary “NaCl” Wolfe will be upset and he will leave your HQ. If you decide to destroy him and take his head to Wolfe, he will give you some dollars and a few other locations to find some other Synths. These other locations to find the Synth for Wolfe’s Hunt in Wasteland 3 are “Close to Denver; near some towers,” “Further away from Denver; probably underground,” and “Near Aspen; somewhere in the mountains.” Here are the locations where you can find the other three Synths in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3: Wolfe’s Hunt Synth Locations

“Close to Denver; near some towers”

The name of this Synth is Tinker, and you will find him in the terminal area of Denver’s Machine Commune. Interact with Tinker to make amendments to the war between humans and synths. Kill him and all the other synths there and take his head to Wolfe to get your bounty of a few dollars.


“Further away from Denver; probably underground”

Tellurium mine is this Wolfe’s Hunt Synth location. The Synth here is named Earl and is accompanied by a Scorpitron. You will also find the Bulb in the mines. All you need to do is interact with Bulb and take down all the robots there. When the robots are cleared pick Earl’s head and give it to Wolfe.

“Near Aspen; somewhere in the mountains”

This Wolfe’s Hunt Synth location, the Department of Energy Site, is like the boss battle. Hack the terminals using Nerd Stuff 7 and get inside the site. Pick the Nervous Nancy doll from the container alongside the Explosives 8 section. Then get into the generator room and eliminate some more bots. Find the metal shutter in the site and open it to find the last Synth, Dos-Teh-Seh. This Synth will have a Scorpitron with it during the battle. Defeat the Synth and collect various collectibles in the site. Then take the head of Dos-Teh-Seh and get back to Wolfe.

That’s the locations to find the Synth October 11 for Wolfe’s Hunt in Wasteland 3 and the other Synths as well. When you bring all the Synths’ heads back to Wolfe, it will end your Wolfe’s Hunt mission and you will be able to progress in the game. There are various other sidequests in Wasteland 3 that you can complete to get valuable items as rewards. for instance, you can find Ramen Noodles to complete My Body Requires This mission or complete the Heads or Tails mission in Wasteland 3.