What To Pick In The Heads Or Tails Mission In Wasteland 3

Heads or Tails Secondary Mission in Wasteland 3 will give you a dilemma about two choices where you do not know what will happen if you choose either one option. If you’re having difficulty choosing or knowing what lies ahead, check out this quick little guide on the heads or tails mission in Wasteland 3.

What Should You Choose In The Heads Or Tails Mission In Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 offers you with a ton of quests that you alone or with a friend can complete in the game. There’s a lot of exploration in the game with some quests appearing much later than the others.

Each quest offers you a unique opportunity to earn weapons, armors and other useful items but the Heads or Tails mission fails to give you an explanation of your choices in the game. As said before, there are many random quests in the game but none quite like the Heads or Tails secondary mission.

The Heads or Tails mission will offer you the chance of either going to The Hoon Homestead or the Arapaho Caravan in Wasteland 3.

Your decision here matters as it can change the outcome of the game and alter your experience, so before you jump into selecting either side, check the information below:

What Happens If You Select To Go To The Hoon Homestead In Wasteland 3?

The Hoon Homestead is located east of Ranger HQ and isn’t that far off away as you go there you will find that a few Dorsey’s are harassing a family. If you select this option, you will have a number of Dorsey’s attack you which you can easily finish them off or convince them to leave if you have the skills required.

Upon taking down the Dorsey’s you will earn the Erastus Dorsey’s helm which you can flaunt it on your vehicle for badass points. You will also get an Infantry Mans Bible, a Skill Book with +1 to Automatic Weapons.

The game offers you a chance of getting your hands on an Assault Rifle which is kept on the mantle but taking it will result in fighting Lucia Wesson and Marshal Kwon whom you will have to kill.

The Rifle isn’t that good and depending on your actions you can take the rifle or just keep it and have two allies in the game instead. You will get to hear that the Arapaho caravan has been ambushed and the mutants have escaped with the Power Armor planning to attack Colorado Springs.

What Happens If You Select To Go To Arapaho Caravan In Wasteland 3?

The Arapaho Caravan is located too is located nearby the Ranger HQ and you will need to go southwest to find it. Once you get here you will get to see mutants or otherwise known as Scar Collectors attack a caravan.

Make sure to save your progress here first and then kill off the bombers first before you shift your attention towards those wielding a gun and you will be fine.

The loot that you get here isn’t that great, but you will get a Skill Book if you open a locked door in one of the buildings. You will require a level 5 lockpicking skill to do so. Speak to the surviving victims and one of them will ask you to find her friends.

You can find the driver of the caravan next to the fire and another human being nearby this place. Use the items shown to heal these people and the Caravan in short time will soon arrive at Colorado Springs to provide the Marshals with Power Armor.

Both your decisions will have someone killed and it depends if you choose to have allies or let the Marshals get the Power Armor in the game. This is all there is to know about what you should pick in the Heads of Tails secondary mission in Wastelands 3.

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