How And Where To Find Ramen Noodles In Wasteland 3 (Location Guide)

Exact location to find Ramen Noodles

Similar to almost every RPG game ever made, Wasteland 3 is also filled with multiple side quests and missions. Completing these missions can yield many benefits giving an advantage to players. One of these missions is My Body Requires This mission. To complete this mission, gamers have to find Ramen Noodles in Wasteland 3 and bring them back to Masato and recruit him in their HQ. If you have no idea about where to find Ramen Noodles in Wasteland 3, you are in the right place. This location guide will give you the exact location where you can easily find Ramen Noodles.

Wasteland 3: Where to Find Ramen Noodles

Masato is a merchant from the Bizzare. He is one of the many characters in the game whom you can recruit to your HQ. But when you go to him with an invitation to join your HQ, he will simply refuse to do so. That’s because he is obsessed with finding Ramen Noodles, the mission description says so. He wants to get Ramen Noodles and study its recipe to cook it himself. When you find Ramen Noodles in Wasteland 3 and bring it back to him, he will be a part of your HQ and you will complete My Body Requires This mission.

To get the Ramen Noodles, you will have to go deep into the Warrens. Start marching towards the extreme South of the map. You will have to face a few enemies while your march down South. When you reach the extreme South of the Map, you will find a Diner. The Diner is filled with enemies, you will have to knock all of them down. When you do so, you will hear a vending machine speaking. All you need to do then is to interact with the vending machine and choose to insert a silver coin option from the popped-up menu. This will give you your Ramen Noodles. Now you can take the Noodles back to Masato in the Warrens and he will happily accept your offer to join your HQ.

So that’s basically where you find Ramen Noodles in Wasteland 3. You can read our guides about where to find Hallie or what to pick up in Heads or Tails mission. Wasteland 3 is a bit difficult to play and compete, but since you can play it with your friends everything becomes more engaging, fun, and simpler.