How To Play Wastelands 3 In Multiplayer With Friends?

Multiplayer in Wasteland 3 feels much better with a friend and if that wasn’t a big enough incentive, the game offers various other benefits for you to bring a friend along to play the game. If you’re wondering about how to play Wasteland 3 multiplayer, then we’ve got the answers right here for you.

How To Play Wastelands 3 In Multiplayer With Friends?

If you have a buddy who’s just as excited as you to get into Wasteland 3 then you should probably do it right now. The game offers multiple ways players can benefit from this unique mode which will allow you and your friends to play together and enjoy the game.

First of all, any game played with a friend will amp up its enjoyability as you will be able to not only experience the game with someone to share it with but playing together will deepen your bond with your friend.

Second, the game has multiple ways in which by using the multiplayer modes players can get the maximum out of the game. Though Wasteland 3 is exciting to play solo, we’ve found that playing with someone else will make it ten times more engaging and fun.

From letting you turn in quests to opposing factions simultaneously to having you and a friend focus on different quests, the scope of multiplayer helps to widen the game’s potential.

To play Wasteland 3 in multiplayer, you will need to host or join a multiplayer session of the game. You can do it by going into the Lobby Browser or Direct Connect. To find these options simply go to the Multiplayer option in the Main Menu.

From there, you will need to you should select the Lobby Browser as it was the most effective way we found in our testing of the game. You have the option of either hosting the session which you can do by clicking on the Host Game option at the bottom of the screen.

Or you can check out the multiplayer lobbies looking for additional players, if you simply wish to check out the multiplayer option and find likeminded people who enjoy Wasteland 3, this option is perfect for you.

Private Lobby will help you control who gets to join in your game as it requires an invite which only the player who hosts the game can give out.

Public Lobby will make it open for random players to jump into your adventure and check out your game, this is a great place to make new friends.

If you wish to invite friends to a game of Wasteland 3, you will need to host a Private game and then send in the invitation for the same. You can set your game to the Public Lobby too, just make sure to check the settings and make the Lobby for Friends Only.

This way you can filter who gets in and who does not, this method is recommended for those who wish to have a private adventure without any interruptions.

You can check out both these settings before starting the game, you will also be able to control the difficulty settings.

Do You Get Crossplay In Wastelands 3?

This is one negative aspect of the multiplayer mode that we’ve found because there is no crossplay option in Wastelands 3, however, if you and your friend are on a on PC and have purchased the game from different stores you will still be able to play together.

Does Wasteland 3 support Split-Screen?

No, sadly Wasteland 3 does not support Split-Screen for any co-op possibilities and you can only play multiplayer through online services.

Is There Matchmaking In Wasteland 3

There is no matchmaking option in Wasteland 3 and if you’re on a public lobby in the game. You can play with friends whom you have invited.

How Many Players Can Be In Multiplayer In Wasteland 3

The game only supports 2 players at a time, so make sure that you bring only the best player you know to play Wasteland 3 online with you.

Wasteland 3 Multiplayer Not Working

If the multiplayer option of Wasteland 3 is not working for you, ask your friend to host the game and you should be able to get back in the game. This issue has been affecting a few players but we did not run into any issues with the multiplayer option during our testing of the game.

This is all there is to know about multiplayer in Wasteland 3. Make sure to check out all the latest guides about Wasteland 3 right here on Gamer Tweak.