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Where And How To Find Hallie In Wasteland 3

Here's a complete guide explaining where to find Hallie in Wasteland 3.

Finding Hallie In Wasteland 3 has a lot of consequences that can leave players to select the wrong option depending on what they’re looking for. If you’re stuck on the quest to find Hallie and can’t seem to locate her, our guide will help you find her in a jiffy.

Where To Find Hallie In Wasteland 3


Hallie is an NPC in Wasteland 3 that slavers are looking for and even though it might go against your morale to become a slaver yourself by helping the faction. You tend to earn a lot of bounties if you do so.

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In Wasteland 3, The Slaver’s Bounty quest will have you looking for a slave that is missing and you’re tasked with bringing her back to the people who own her. To access this quest, you will first need to have upgraded the basics with the mechanics, jailer, etc. and only then will you get it.


You will notice a small group on people gather neat the entrance wearing heavy clothing and these are the slavers. They will tell you about the missing slave and ask you to bring her back to them.

You have two options here, you can either set Hallie free or you can lie to her and bring her back to your base for the slavers. If you let Hallie go, you tend to earn 10 Reputation with the Wasteland Refugees with the slavers telling you that they will find Hallie eventually.

If you turn her in you will lose 10 Reputation with the Wasteland Refugees but you can get a code that grants you access to vaults where you can get a lot of weapons and armor. Here you get items like Tank armor, Power armor, and other useful items in Wastelands 3.


To find Hallie, you will need to go to Downtown Colorado Springs and look near the entrance. There should be a fire nearby where you will see a few refugees standing together. Hallie is one of them and you will have to make a decision when you encounter here.

Each decision that you take will have its implications but this is one quest where we found it is better to leave your morality aside and get better weapons and items in the game which will help you to progress further easily and without much difficulties though you might get a guilty conscience.

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