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High On Life: Should You Wait One Hour For Douglas? (Answered)

Wondering what happens next? Check out our guide that explains if you should wait a full hour for Douglas in High on Life.

Coming from Rick and Morty’s creator Justin Roiland, High on Life is an action-adventure shooter game with several Metroidvania elements. This game is filled with tacky achievements, absurd humor, and plenty of fourth-wall breaks. As players progress to find their Bounty Douglas, they come across a lecture hall with a projector. Suddenly, Douglas comes on screen and tells you to wait for one complete hour. Since the AI also tells you to wait for an hour, several players are confused about this bit. Not to worry, check out our guide on should you wait one hour for Douglas in High on Life.


Should You Wait One Hour For Douglas in High on Life

The answer to that question is No. That’s because you don’t get any rewards for waiting an hour for Douglas at the G3 Recruitment. Furthermore, you also don’t unlock a trophy or achievement for the long one-hour wait. But then what happens if you wait for him for one hour in High on Life?

high on life wait one hour
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You will get a message from Douglas on the screen every 15 minutes. Once you have waited for an hour, Douglas ridicules at your resolve for waiting an hour. While the door behind the screen slightly lifts upwards, it crashes down with Douglas coming again on the screen. Furthermore, he states that they are sending a guy to repair the door who will be there in a week or so. However, to all Trophy hunters, you don’t get any achievement for waiting a week. So, we suggest not waiting for an hour or one week for him.

Rather than that, you have to escape the lecture hall. To escape the G3 Training Center, you can sneak through the fence to the right of the hall. You will see an opening that you can get inside by crouching. From there, pass through a vent to escape the G3 Training Center with Knifey.


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