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How To Farm Pesos In High On Life

Here's a simple guide on how to farm Pesos in High On Life.

In High On Life, you will need Pesos to upgrade your gear so it’s important to farm them. On this intergalactic adventure, you will take on bounties to face formidable bosses. The end goal is saving humanity from the evil alien cartel called G3. As you travel to different planets you will come across shops selling upgrades. Now, it’s important to level up your weapons and suit every chance you get. To do so, you will need loads of Pesos. This guide will tell you how to make money in High On Life.


How to Farm Pesos in High On Life

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to make a good amount of money in this game. As you progress, you will open new ways to do so. That being said, here are some methods to earn Pesos.

Completing Bounties

To fight G3, you take on the role of an alien bounty hunter. With Gene’s help, you can take bounties through Bounty 5000 machine. Completing each bounty will reward you with Pesos.

Opening Luglox Chests

Open Luglox Chests to Farm Pesos


Luglox Chests are the best way to farm Pesos in High On Life. These boxes are scattered throughout the map. Some of them are in the open while others are hidden, so make sure to explore every nook and cranny. You will also need Knifey the Blade to open them.

Revisiting Areas

Some areas can be explored only after getting certain weapons. Using the Alt Abilities of these weapons, you can overcome environmental obstacles. For example, you can get through the spinning fans using Sweezy’s Time Bubble ability. Many Luglox Chests are inaccessible due to these fans. So make sure you revisit them after getting new weapons.


Killing Enemies – Best Method to Farm Pesos

The best part about the guns in this game is that you have unlimited ammo. So you don’t have to hold back against any foe you come across. Certain enemies tend to drop loot including money. So you can kill them to farm Pesos in High On Life.

Using Warp Crystal Loops

In Zephyr Paradise, you can use a glitch to spawn enemies multiple times. This method is used to farm Warp Crystals but you can use it to make Pesos as well.


After making enough Pesos, you can splurge in the following shops:

Use Pesos in Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop in Blim City

  • Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop (Blim City)
  • Supply Station Valley Shop (Deep Jungle – Zephyr Paradise)
  • Moplet Mine Shop (Upper Valley – Zephyr Paradise)
  • Furwaggle Farms (Upper Valley – Zephyr Paradise)
  • Skendrel Cafeteria (Jungle Clearing – Zephyr Paradise)
  • Dreg Town Pawn (Dreg Town – Port Terrene)
  • Big Deal Emporium (Old Town – Port Terrene)

That’s everything from us on how to farm Pesos in High On Life. For more helpful guides like How to Equip Mods, visit GamerTweak soon.