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How To Stop The Fans In High On Life

Here's a guide on how to get through fans in High On Life.

Fans in High On Life are environmental obstacles and players are looking for ways to stop them. In this comedic shooter by Justin Roiland and Squanch Games, you have to face the alien drug cartel G3. They invaded the Earth with the sole purpose of turning humans into drugs. Now, it’s up to you and your newly retrieved talking gun, Kenny, to save humanity. On this journey through space, you will come across many obstacles like the spinning fans. This guide will tell you how to get through the fans in High on Life.


How to Stop the Fans in High On Life (Get Through Them)

Use Sweezy's Time Bubble ability to stop fans and get through them

The talking gun Kenny is from the Gatlian species and there are more of them. Each of them has an Alt Ability to get past different obstacles in the game. To stop the fans in High On Life, you have to get Sweezy and use its Time Bubbles ability to slow down time. That way, you can easily get through these spinning fans. But getting Sweezy is no easy task. You have to defeat a boss named Douglas. Here’s how you can get to this boss and get the Gatlian.

  • After defeating 9-Torg, you can choose from two bounties at the Bounty 5000. Select Douglas and a portal will open to Port Terrene.
  • This is a vast desert and you will need Kenny’s Glob Shot and Knifey’s Sling to advance.
  • After progressing through the mission, you will reach Dreg Town. There, you can find Douglas’ HQ and defeat him to rescue Sweezy.
  • The only way out of this headquarters is through a spinning fan. This is where you will learn how to use Sweezy’s Time Bubble ability to stop the fans in High on Life.

After that, these fans will mostly have Luglox Chests behind them. They contain collectibles and precious Pesos, the in-game currency, so you must get this Gatlian soon.


That’s everything on how to stop the fans in High on Life. For more helpful guides like How to Increase Max Health, visit GamerTweak soon.