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How To Equip Mods In High On Life

Here's a guide on how to equip mods and upgrade guns in High On Life.

In High On Life, you can equip mods on your guns and upgrade them. These weapons are interesting because they are an alien species called the Gatlian. Using them, you have to face the evil alien cartel called the G3. On this intergalactic adventure, you will square off against tough alien bosses. So it’s vital that you upgrade your weapons. This guide will tell you how to do it in High On Life.


How to Equip Mods in High On Life

Equip Mods and Upgrade Weapon in the Inventory Menu

There are many mods in this game that give your guns different abilities. You will come across them as you progress through the game. These are the best places to get mods in High On Life:

  • Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop
  • Port Terrene Store
  • Luglox Boxes

The ones in Luglox Boxes are free but you will have to explore all the areas. On the contrary, you will get the Upgrades in one place in shops but you will need a lot of Pesos. To equip mods in High On Life, you need to open your Inventory Menu. There, go to the Mods tab and find the weapon you want to upgrade. You can choose which mod you want and press the corresponding button to equip it. Once, you do, they will also change the gun’s appearance.


All Gun Mods and Upgrades

Buy Mods at Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop

These are all the mods you can equip to upgrade your weapons in High On Life.

  • Bounceflector Mod (Kenny): You can buy this mod at Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop for 800 Pesos. When you equip this mod, Kenny’s shots will deflect off enemies.
  • Multiglob Mod (Kenny): At the Port Terrene shop, you can buy this upgrade for 500 Pesos. With it, you can fire multiple Glob Shots at once.
  • Goopsuck Mod (Gus): You can buy it at Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop for 1500 Pesos. This mod is great against enemies with armor. When equipped, Gus will suck away the Goop Armor from your foes.
  • Flak Mod (Gus): You can find this upgrade in a Luglox Crate in the Jungle Clearing. Find your way around the Laboratory Crossroad’s warp door to reach it. This will increase Gus’ AoE damage with exploding bullets.
  • Remote Detonator Mod (Sweezy): You can buy it at Mr. Keeps for 1500 Pesos. Using this, you can detonate Sweezy’s crystal remotely.
  • Summoning Portal Mod (Sweezy): To get this upgrade, you must find the Luglox Box in Zephyr Paradise. In the Lower Mine Tunnels, look for a spinning fan to find it. Using this one, you can fire a portal.
  • Heartsap Mod (Creature): It’s in Mr. Keeps Shop for 1600 Pesos. This upgrade will give you health every time Creature’s minions get a kill.

Using these upgrades, you can wreak havoc on your alien enemies. That’s all from us on How to Equip Mods in High On Life. For more helpful guides like How to Stop Fans, visit GamerTweak soon.