How To Unlock Lezduit In High On Life (Busted Gatlian)

Take a look at the requirements to unlock & get the Lezduit (Gatlian) in High on Life easily.

High on Life is not just an ordinary FPS game, but also has many comedic elements to it. One of the most entertaining aspects of the game is the guns that can talk. Other than that, every gun has a unique personality so you don’t get bored while saving humanity from alien invasion. However, not all of them are available easily and can only be unlocked once fulfilled the requirement. One of the guns players are looking forward to getting their hands on is the Lezduit. A Cybernetic Gatlian that can come in handy against powerful aliens. If you also want to unlock & get the Lezduit in High on Life then we’ll help you do so.

How to Get Lezduit in High On Life? (Requirements)

How to Unlock Lezduit in High On Life? (Requirements)

In order to fully unlock the Lezduit (Gatlian) gun in High on Life the players will need to defeat Dr. Giblets & Nipulon. These are the two bounties that’ll get you the Talking Plasma gun. However, the Dr. Giblets bounty only unlocks once you defeat Krubis & Douglas. After  you are done defeating the crazy doctor, go ahead & escape his base through the trap door. On your left, you’ll find the Lezduit strapped to a machine that you can take home with you. Unfortunately, it won’t be in working condition at the time. But Gene can surely help you with that.

After saving the busted Gatlian from Dr. Giblets’ possession and taking it to Gene, he’ll try to fix it for you. While he is fixing the gun go ahead, take on the Nipulon bounty and defeat the aliens ASAP. Once done head back to your home and Gene will give you the Lezduit that you have been waiting to use. Unfortunately, you cannot use this overpowered gun in every battle apart from the main boss fights.

That sums up everything about how you can unlock & get the Lezduit in High on Life. While you are here check out how to get Zephyr in the game. For more such tips & tricks check out other Video game guides.