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How To Get To Zephyr In High On Life (Location)

Unable to find Dr. Giblets? Check out our location guide on how to get to Zephyr in High on Life.

High on Life is a first-person shooter action and adventure game with several Metroidvania elements. Coming from the Co-creator of Rick and Morty, this game features a plethora of immersive and beautiful worlds. As you progress, you will come across a bounty to find Dr. Giblets on Zephyr. But as confusing as this game is, several players are confused about reaching Zephyr. Not to worry, check out our location guide on how to get to Zephyr in High on Life to find out.


How to Get to Zephyr in High on Life

You can reach Zephyr Paradise by using the bounty machine in your living room. Follow the below steps to get to Zephyr:

  • Firstly, get back to your house in the living room as soon as you receive the bounty.
  • You will see the Bounties section as you interact with the machine. You will see details on Dr. Giblets and the reward for completing the bounty.
  • You have to hit the second option on the Bounty machine which will open the Portals section.
  • Then, select the Zephyr Paradise under different unlocked Worlds in High on Life.

how to get to zephyr high on life

  • This would open various options for you to decide from. They are as follows:
    • Deep Jungle
    • Upper Valley
    • Jungle Clearing
  • You can select any of the above options to reach Zephyr world. But if you are looking to find Dr. Giblets, Deep Jungle would be the right choice.
  • As you hit the Deep Jungle option, hit the Activate Portal option.

how to get to zephyr high on life

  • Now, pass through the Portal beside the machine to get to Zephyr.

Furthermore to Zephyr, there are also several other worlds you can explore. These include Nova Sanctus, Port Terrene, and the Unknown Sector. You can travel to all these worlds by using the Bounty machine in your living room. You can travel or teleport to these worlds without progressing through a quest or bounty in High on Life.

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