What Is Viewbotting On Twitch? (Explained)

Here is how Viewbotting on Twitch works and how to tell if a streamer is using them.

When it comes to live-streaming games, Twitch comes second to none. It is a hub for upcoming streamers but in the same breath is also a breeding ground for unfair practices. Since numbers mean everything on Twitch, many streamers use illegal methods to gain an advantage. One of the most common ones among them is the view bots. They are used either intentionally or unintentionally by streamers. But why is this bot illegal to use? To answer that question, you will first have to know what Viewbotting on Twitch really is.

How Viewbotting on Twitch Works

As the name already suggests, Viewbotting is the use of software programs that are designed to simulate the action of a real user on Twitch. These bots artificially inflate the view count of a particular live stream. Viewbots are designed to open up live streams and mimic a human user, which leads to fake view counts. This will make any Twitch streamer’s view stats look higher than they actually are.

Is Viewbotting on Twitch Legal?

Twitch clearly makes it known within its policies that Viewbotting is illegal. The streaming platform places sanctions or suspensions on anyone found to be using view bots. However, the streamer can also get permanently banned from Twitch. Though strictly prohibited, view botting is still very rampant across the platform. And many times, some streamers themselves don’t know that they are being view botted. This can sometimes lead to an innocent person being punished.

How to Tell if Someone is Using Viewbots on Twitch?

There is no tried and tested method to determine whether a streamer is using taking the help of view bots or not. However, some of the ways to figure this out are when there is a sudden viewership spike, low chat activity, and other stats. However, there are times when the streamers themselves are a victim of a targeted attack by miscreants. In such a case, it’s best that you report the matter to Twitch and let them take a decision.

That’s all you need to know about Viewbotting on Twitch. We hoped this helped you clear out the many doubts you had. You can find more stuff like why is PewdiePie banned from Twitch, xQc’s net worth, and more in our dedicated Twitch section.