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How To Find Video Game Developers In Watch Dogs: Legion

Video Game Designers in Watch Dogs: Legion can be found in the streets of London. Check out the exact location right here on Gamer Tweak

Video game designers in Watch Dogs: Legions are one of the random people you meet in the streets, this more or less looks like a cheeky inclusion by the video game developers to add similar kind of people in the game. If you want to find video game designers in Watch Dogs: Legion, this guide will certainly help you do that.

Where To Find Video Game Developers In Watch Dogs: Legion


Video game designers like most people in London roam the streets and do most of the basic things other characters do. While you can recruit almost anyone the video game designers have been known to frequent places around Southwark the most.

All you have to do is scan each character that walks past in Southwark to know their profession, if you have the Deep Profiler unlocked, it can help you tremendously. If you do not have it unlocked, you can check out how to do it right here.

where to find video game designer in watch dogs legion


Coming back to the video game developers, sadly there’s no mission as of right now that requires you to recruit a video game developer in Watch Dogs: Legion. While saying this, each character that you come across might bring something unique to DedSec so, it is necessary that you recruit someone from every walks of life.

Another character that is certain to help you get to restricted places is the Construction Worker, you can check out how to recruit the construction worker right here on Gamer Tweak. Watch Dogs: Legion is a ton of fun as you can recruit basically anyone in the game from Albion personnel to people who hate DedSec.

This is all there is to know about how to recruit video game designers in Watch Dogs: Legion. While you’re here and if you wish to recruit some of the weirdest characters in the game, we recommend that you check out this guide to get all information on the whackiest of people available in the Watch Dogs: Legion.