Weirdest And Craziest Characters In Watch Dogs: Legion

These weirdest recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion have the funniest and unconventional abilities and perks. Check out these weirdest characters here

Watch Dogs: Legion is full of weird characters that will show up in the game. These characters can be added to DedSec but their greatest asset comes in their bio, if you want to check out our list of the weirdest characters in Watch Dogs: Legion, make sure to check this guide out.

Weirdest Recruits In Watch Dogs: Legion

While you may want to bring the best of the best to your team in Watch Dogs: Legion, having an army of misfits can only result in utter laughter and a complete meltdown of things right from the get-go.

These characters strangely bring Watch Dogs: Legion to life and will offer you not much in the sense of assistance but a whole lot more in laughter and absurdity.

Noah Baker

Weirdest Characters In Watch Dogs: Legion

Noah is a toymaker who has the flatulent trait and this makes for an interesting gameplay mechanic. While you cannot use this character for a stealth mission, there are other benefits like a distraction that you can use with Noah.

Noah won’t be able to control his farts and will often alert guards of his position, he can even at times confuse guards with his farts and odor to confuse and disgust them. Do not expect any farting superpowers though but the nonstop farts are sure fun to listen to.

Amnart Lek

Weirdest Characters In Watch Dogs: Legion

Amnart Lek is David Brent’s worst version as one of his key personality traits is the fact that he owns a venomous snake. While it may seem odd and judgmental, playing as Lek can result in death for absolutely no reason.

His Doomed ability will kill him without any reason whatsoever and this can happen at any time in the game. So make sure that if you’re pursuing a high-risk mission there’s a chance of losing one of your operatives for no reason at all.

Fred Regent

Weirdest Characters In Watch Dogs: Legion

While by the looks of it Fred looks like any ordinary citizen of London, the fact that Fred Regent lives a double life makes things interesting. His ability to pole dance absolutely anywhere in the game makes playing as him hilarious.

Watch him bust out a move and hypnotize people with his moves to join him. While Fred does not strip down to his bottoms, his moves might make you think he’ll do that any minute. One of the most fun characters to play as in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Harold Best

Weirdest Characters In Watch Dogs: Legion

Harold Best aka the Bee Keeper isn’t just an ordinary beekeeper in Watch Dogs: Legion, he has a swarm of robotic bees in his arsenal. The Bees make Best one of the best operatives to have in the game as you can attack enemies and even create non-lethal explosions with them.

Recruiting the beekeeper in itself is a joy, if you want to know how to recruit the beekeeper, we’ve got your back. Make sure to recruit this potential C class supervillain in the game and scare the living hell out of everyone.

Maxwell Vaswani

Weirdest Characters In Watch Dogs: Legion

While there’s nothing wrong with Maxwell, his irritating ability to spontaneously start beatboxing makes him one of the weirdest recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion. Leave him for a second and he’ll start bursting out his spit infused beats while dressed in the Union Jack.

Maxwell is a musician according to his occupation but judging by the talent he has for beatboxing we’re not sure if he can play any instrument. He’s an annoyance but one we’ve come across to play a lot in the game as we cannot stop looking at his absurd actions.

Dan McCleary

Weirdest Characters In Watch Dogs: Legion

One of the reasons why Dan is on this list is because he’s never paid a parking ticket in his life and that in urban London is like the tale of legends. There are other abilities in his arsenal that make him really good as a recruit but we’re just thinking about the fact that Dan’s never paid a parking ticket.

Dan is also really good when it comes to driving and has a personal custom vehicle that he can bust out when in danger. Aside from that Dan looks pretty normal and is one of the best guys that you can get.

Shaimaa Armia

Weirdest Characters In Watch Dogs: Legion

Shaimaa is a Reality TV Star and if that doesn’t put you off then you would like to know that she’s also banned from the London Zoo for reasons unknown. She’s also been found guilty of destroying drones for target practice and by the looks of it, her lawyer looks like to be in more trouble than she is.

A complete weirdo, by all means, Shaimaa is one such character that you cannot miss out on in Watch Dogs: Legion.

While the list isn’t complete we will be updating this list of the weirdest characters as and when we come across some of the funniest and weirdest characters that we find while playing Watch Dogs: Legion.

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