Palworld Victor & Shadowbeak Location And Boss Guide

Victor and Shadowbeak are the final Boss in Palworld and here’s where you can find and beat them.

Victor and Shadowbeak are formidable opponents in Palworld because of their power. Shadowbeak being an excellent Dark-type Pal can easily cause tons of damage within a blink. However, regardless of what Victor and Shadowbeak throw at you, beating them is necessary to finish the story.

In this guide, we will tell you where to find and beat Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld. So if they are the only ones who are standing in your way, here’s how you can eliminate them.

Where to Find Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld – Location

Victor and Shadowbeak Boss Tower Location in Palworld
Victor and Shadowbeak Location. Image Credits to Map Genie
  • PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower
  • Coordinates: (-149, 445)

Victor and Shadowbeak are found inside the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower which is located far northwest side of the map. You can reach there fast by traveling to the Unthawable Lake teleporter. Once you reach the teleporter, move north until you reach the coordinates (-149, 445). There, interact with the Boss Tower and you will come face-to-face with Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld.

How to Beat Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld

Victor and Shadowbeak are going to bring out the absolute best in you by pushing you to the limits. For your information, they are going to have a total of 200k health which you have to reduce in under 10 minutes. That sounds like a challenge, right? Now if you want to get past this boss fight, then you will have to come prepared.

Using Rocket Launcher to Defeat Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld
Using Rocket Launcher to Damage Victor and Shadowbeak. Image Credits to The Survival Merchant

First of all, make sure that you are at least on level 50 in the game. This is the point where you will have powerful weapons in your arsenal, like a Rocket Launcher. Speaking of it, I highly recommend you bring the Rocket Launcher with as much ammo as possible. This is going to be your primary weapon while battling Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld. As a backup, you can also carry a Pump Action Shotgun. With these weapons, you have to aim for the head of the Shadowbeak. Since it is its weakest point, you can easily reduce its health from 200K to 0 with this strategy. Wait, there’s more.

Victor and Shadowbeak will gain more advantage if the fight goes longer. Shortening the length of the fight is close to impossible. So I suggest you wear Armor and Accessories that give you a stat boost. Ensure that your Armor or Accessory is giving you a boost in Attack and Defense. To make life easier, you can also consume food items to gain a temporary stat boost. Food items like Rushoar Hot Dog give a +20% Defense Boost and Eikthyrdeer Loco Moco provides a 20% Attack Boost.

Quivern is the Best Pal to  Defeat Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld
Use Quivern to Beat Victor and Shadowbeak. Image Credits to Pocket Pair

Well, don’t forget about your big gun in the battle, your Pal. Since Shadowbeak is a Pal with a Dark element, it is weak against the Pals with a Dragon element. As far as my knowledge goes, there’s no better option than taking either Quivern or Jetragon to the fight. Why? Let me tell you that. Quivern’s Dragon Attacks enhance while you ride it as a mount. Aside from this, a Jetragon is one of those fewer Pals that can be used with a Rocket Launcher, that you have already brought in the fight.

See, after entering the fight, you will feel like a thousand things are happening at once. But to be honest, if you have done what I have mentioned above, you can beat Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld. One more thing that I’d like to add, make sure not to keep your fingers far from the button. In this boss fight, there will be multiple projectiles thrown at you. So being able to dodge and moving out of harm’s way is going to be healthy for you.

Keep all this things in mind and you will easily beat Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld. Before or after this boss fight, if you have any other issues, then we have got you covered. Stick around with us and check out our other Palworld Guides to master the game.