Diablo 4 Veiled Crystal: How To Get & Use (Farming Guide)

In Diablo 4, if you want to upgrade your weapons & gears, then you have to farm enough Veiled Crystal. This is one of the vital crafting materials you’ll need in order to attain the highest gear upgrade possible. And let us tell you, farming this rare crystal is not that easy in the early stages of the game. If you’re already on the road to stacking up this crafting material but are unable to get your hands on it, then we’re here to help. In this guide below we have mentioned all the possible ways to obtain Veiled Crystals in D4.

How to Farm Veiled Crystal in Diablo 4

How to Farm Veiled Crystal in Diablo 4
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In Diablo 4, to farm Veiled Crystal you’ll have to go to a Blacksmith and Salvage the rare weapons & armor. You can identify the rare equipment by its yellowish-gold background. Many players have also reported that the legendary weapons, & armor too tend to drop some pieces of Veiled Crystals. However, do not, the drop of the crafting material is not guaranteed. So there can be a chance where you salvage equipment but only get Rawhide, Iron Chunks, or any other items.

In this case, we recommend you farm as much as rare and legendary items as you can. Doing that will surely increase your chance to get Veiled Crystal automatically. For those who are unaware, farming rare or legendary weapons and armor is not that difficult. All you have to do is defeat some enemies or open some chests and that’ll do the trick. The drops will keep getting common as you climb up the level ladder and start playing on a higher World Tier.

How to Use Veiled Crystal to Upgrade Gears in D4

How to Use Veiled to Upgrade Gears D4
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After you have enough Veiled Crystal in Diablo 4, you can use it to upgrade your Weapons, Armor, and other items. To do so head to a Blacksmith and select the Armor with an Up arrow icon tab. There simply place the item you want to upgrade and pay the cost to upgrade your equipment. The max number of upgrades you can get for every item is 5. And the first 2 upgrades do not require any Veiled Crystal. But if you want to upgrade the following item to its maximum potential, you’ll need plenty of Veiled Crystals.

That sums up all about how you can farm & use Veiled Crystal in Diablo 4 (D4). If you want to make your gears more durable then check out Blacksmith Guide. Also, don’t forget to look at the steps to change your Armor appearance in the game.

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