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What Is The Bitlife Vampire Update Release Date? (2023)

Wondering when the Bitlife Vampire Update will drop? Here's our guide with details on the speculated release date.

If you have been to the Coming Soon section in-game, you might have seen the Vampire Job Pack. However, there are not a lot of details regarding it and players are curious about the release date of the Bitlife Vampire update. The only detail so far is the in-game description and that does not help a lot either. While there are not a lot of updates from the developers, there are a few rumors that we have come across and you might want to know about those.

When will Bitlife Vampire Update Release?

Vampire Update Release Date Bitlife

There is absolutely no update from the developers so the best release date when we can expect Bitlife Vampire update is in 2024 or later. The devs have planned a lot for the Coming Soon section and as you can see, there are many more updates apart from the Vampire job pack update. While the description reads “Rise from the grave and claim victims!”, there is barely something for players to understand except that it would involve some form of career.

Although there is no confirmation yet, we are expecting that players will be able to come back into the game as Vampires. After that, there might be numerous activities or objectives that players will have to take part in. This may also include biting or turning NPCs into Vampires or it may even have completely different objectives. This tweet from the official Bitlife Twitter page shows a meme involving Robert Pattinson from the Twilight Saga.

However, whether this is an indication of things to come or the developers simply toying with us is something for us to find out.

That’s all we have on the speculated release date of the Vampire update in Bitlife. While you are here, check out how to become a Musician, a Real Estate Agent, and other Bitlife guides right here at Gamer Tweak.