Halls of Torment Vs Vampire Survivors (Features Comparison)

Which is the Best Roguelike between Vampire Survivors and Halls of Torment? Here's a comparison between both these titles.

Vampire Survivors is the first game that came to my mind after watching videos about Halls of Torment. Despite being released later, Halls of Torment has quickly received positive ratings. While most players consider both games similar, there are some completely contrasting elements as well. Since both of them follow the same plot of survival against hordes of enemies, we’ll try to find which game did it better. Here’s our Vampire Survivors vs Halls of Torment Comparison.

Halls of Torment vs Vampire Survivors

Here’s how both Halls of Torment and Vampire Survivors are similar yet different from one another.

Graphics & Visuals

Halls of Torment gives players a nostalgic visual treat similar to previous Diablo titles. On the other hand, Vampire Survivors displays 16-bit pixelated graphics but with some engaging elements. But being honest, the theme of both of these games has nothing to do with graphics. Both of them are capable enough to keep you engaged in their own ways.

Halls of Torment vs Vampire Survivors

Weapons and Buffs

In Vampire Survivors, each character can unlock different weapons by progressing through the game. But in Halls of Torment, each character has a different class and they have been provided a weapon accordingly. Speaking of buffs and stat boosts, there are different ways of gaining them in both titles. You can gain buffs the same way you get weapons in Vampire Survivors.

However, players have to collect Items to get buffed in Halls of Torment. Items are nothing but specific parts of their apparel which include Footwear, Garments, Gloves, Headwear, Necklaces, and Rings. Each one of these gives offer different benefits to the player. And to be honest, both Vampire Survivors & Halls of Torment have put forward these mechanics in the best possible way.

Aiming in Vampire Survivors vs Halls of Torment

One of the most talked about differences between these two games is the aiming. Those who have played both of these games know what this is about. Basically in Vampire Survivors, your in-game character only hits or shoots toward the direction you are walking in. Someone who plays Halls of Torment can aim in any desired direction to damage the monsters.


Unlocking Characters in Vampire Survivors vs unlocking them in Halls of Torment is not the same. You are asked to spend a decent amount of fortune and complete the required tasks to get new characters in Vampire Survivors. However, you unlock characters simply after meeting them by beating different stages/levels in Halls of Torment.

Besides all this, what makes Vampire Survivors and Halls of Torment captivating is the variety of monsters they throw in. All the bosses, side-bosses, and brutes look so perfect according to the given environment in these games.

Vampire Survivors vs Halls of Torment – Which is Better?

According to me, it all comes down to personal preferences as both of these games are enjoyable in their own way. It’s not like Halls of Torment is a cheap copy of Vampire Survivors just because it was released later. Also, Vampire Survivors didn’t create this genre, they just popularized it. Poncle did a great job of making this Roguelike genre engaging. I would suggest you try out Halls of Torment and Vampire Survivors both. You will know what’s better for you based on your preferred playstyle.

That’s all about the Halls of Torment vs Vampire Survivors comparison. In case you start playing any of them, make sure to check out the Vampire Survivors and Halls of Torment sections. We have stacked up tons of informative content about these games at Gamer Tweak.