Best Items In Halls Of Torment (Tier List)

Check out this Tier List to know the Items with the Best buffs in Halls of Torment.

Want to know which are the best items to have in Halls of Torment? While there’s a huge list of items available, only a few of them are exceptionally overpowered and useful. All of these items are divided into 6 categories which include Footwear, Garments, Gloves, Headwear, Necklaces, and Rings. Each category includes a few items that offer buffs like none other. Sounds intriguing right? So take a look below for a tier list of Items with the best Passive Effects in Halls of Torment.

Halls of Torment Best Items Tier List

Best Items in Halls of Torment

Here’s a Tier List of all the Items from each category ranked in a Best (S Tier) to Worst (C Tier) order.

Best Halls of Torment Footwear Items

Here are the Best Footwear Items ranked in Halls of Torment.

Item Buffs/Effects Tier
Spike Boots When hit, drop 10 spikes to the ground that deal 100 damage and stun the enemy on contact. Takes 4 seconds to recharge. Can’t be blocked. S
Elven Slippers Increases block strength while moving. Builds up by moved distance. Block strength is limited to 10, movement speed buffs increase the cap. Standing still removes the bonus S
Runner Shoes Movement Speed +15 A
Electrostatic Treads Charges up when you move. When fully charged emits an electric shock wave that damages and stuns enemies A
Firewalker Boots While you move you produce a trail of fire that damages your enemies. Firepatches have a low chance to burn enemies B
Pace Setter Every second you are not moving, you regenerate 1 health B
Plated Boots +3 defense B
Bogged Boots Leave a trail of goo, Enemies that touch the goo slow down. Puddles disappear after 10 seconds or when several enemies moved over it C

Best Halls of Torment Garments Items

Check out below for a Tier List of the Garment Items ranked in a best to worst order in Halls of Torment.

Item Buffs/Effects Tier
Shadow Cloak Spawns shadows near you that damage enemies and increase your block chance S
Blazing Shell Enemies that touch you have a high chance to start burning (+ 6 Block Strength) S
Hunter’s Garb If you stand still your damage is increases by 8% per second (up to 40%). The bonus is reset as soon as you move A
Chain Mail Defense +3 and Health Capacity +10 A
Plate Armor +6 block strength B
Defiant Plate Grants 3 Defense for 5 seconds after taking damage. Can’t go over 30 Defense C
Blood-Soaked Shirt Killing an enemy has a 3% chance to give you 1 health point C

Best Halls of Torment Gloves Items

To know the Best Glove Items in Halls of Torment, check out the Tier List below.

Item Buffs/Effects Tier
Invocator’s Grasp +40% Summon Spawns, +40% Summon Duration, and +20% Summon Damage S
Fencer Gauntlets Each time you block you have a 50% chance for an additional attack that always crits (+5 Block Strength) S
Quickhand Gloves +20% attack speed A
Hunting Gloves +30% Additional Strike / Projectile A
Spellcaster Gloves When you do not use your main attack for 2 seconds, your abilities become stronger over time, up to 66.6% B
Thornfists Deals a critical hit to each enemy that hurts you B
Sparking Tips When you hit a burning enemy with physical attacks, that enemy will spark fire damage projectiles dealing damage based on the burn strength with a chance to set the targets on fire B
Longfinger Gloves +80% pickup range C

Best Halls of Torment Headwears Items

Here’s a list of the Best Headwear Items ranked in a best to worst order in Halls of Torment

Item Buffs/Effects Tier
Wind Crown 1% attack speed for 5s for each killed enemy (up to +50% attack speed) S
Fighter’s Headband On killing a boss or elite Activate health regeneration for 60 seconds regenerating 1% health per second A
Helmet +3 defense and +3 block strength A
Hood +12% health capacity and +2 defense A
Ruby Circlet Deals 4% additional damage for each burning enemy. Limited to 60% B
Thunder Crown Hitting electrified enemies with magic attacks triggers a lightning. The lightning deals 100 damage and has a chance to electrify the target B
War Horns Every 5s you perform a war cry which weakens enemies in its range for 5s adding 3 stacks of fragile to them C

Best Halls of Torment Necklaces Items

Given below is a Tier List of Necklace Items with the best effect and buffs in Halls of Torment.

Item Buffs/Effects Tier
Collar of Confidence +5% damage for each enemy in your pickup range (The maximum is 50%) S
Duelist’s Spark 50% damage. -5% damage for each enemy in your pickup range S
Jade Amulett +50% XP Gain A
Gatherer’s Charm Helps you locating ingredients for new potions. +10% Movement Speed A
Blood Catcher Each time you’ve dealt 100x your maximum health in damage, you regenerate 1 health point B
Maiden’s Tear When you would take damage, regenerate 10% health instead. Recharges 90 seconds C
Scars of Toil +0.07% damage for each missing health point C

Best Halls of Torment Rings Items

Here’s a Tier List of the most overpowered Ring Items in Halls of Torment.

Item Buffs/Effects Tier
Ring of Fire Transforms the damage type of you main weapon into fire. It has now a +15% chance to Burn enemies on hit S
Ring of Thunder Transforms the damage type of you main weapon into electric. It has now a +15% chance to Electrify enemies on hit S
Seal of Rebirth When you die, the seal breaks and revives you with 50% of your max health S
Pest Ring Summons a rat every 2 seconds. Rats bite up to 10 random enemies applying 5 debuffs at random with each bite A
Iron Ring +10 base attack damage A
Wooden Ring +10% base crit chance A
Guiding Star While attacking: +40% attack speed, -30% movement speed. While moving: -30% attack speed, +40% movement speed A
Copper Ring Increases the base critical damage by 40% A
Demonic Bond Every 5 seconds, you summons an imp to fight by your side. They will be gone after a set time which can be extended. Can handle 5 summons at a time B
Echoing Band Damaging an enemy with Physical attacks has a 20% chance to deal 40% of the damage as splash damage C
Necromancers Clutch Every 15 seconds, you summon a skeleton to fight for you. They will perish after a set time, but their life force can be extended. Can handle 5 summons at a time C

The above Tier List is completely opinion based and some of you may disagree with it. In such instances, you can try out and experiment to find your suitable combination.

Now that you have our Tier List of Best Items in Halls of Torment, ensure to make the most out of it. Apart from this, you can also check out our other Tier List of the Best Classes. And for more such informative content, you can head over to our Halls of Torment section right here at Gamer Tweak.