Valorant Agent Reyna: All Of Reyna’s Skills And Abilities In Valorant

More kills, more powers

With Valorant successfully launching on June 2, Riot Games also introduced a few new additions to the game. Apart from a new game mode, a new map, there’s a new character named Reyna. This badass Valorant agent is from Mexico and has some interesting abilities. Let’s take a look at Valorant agent Reyna’s skills and abilities that you can use in the game.

Valorant Reyna Skills and Abilities

Reyna has a purple theme overall and fans online have been comparing her look to Overwatch’s Sombra. In a 32-second gameplay video featuring Reyna, Riot Games revealed a sneak peek into her fighting style and dialogues.

Here’s what the character design lead for Valorant @RiotMorello had to say about Reyna in Valorant. Check out the tweet’s thread as well to know more about what Riot Games had in mind for Reyna’s skills.

So, getting kills is one of the most crucial things for Reyna because without them, she will be almost useless to play with. These are all of Reyna’s skills and abilities:


Reyna can become intangible for a short period when she consumes a Soul Orb. This basically means that she will not be vulnerable to attacks for some time, but she won’t be able to shoot during this time either. Reyna will start levitating in a purple transparent silhouette when she uses this ability.


When Reyna kills an enemy, they will leave a Soul Orb near their dead bodies for 3 seconds. Consuming the Soul Orb will give you a fast healing power for some time. The health that you receive with this ability and that which is more than 100 will decline over time.

Reyna’s Signature Ability: Leer

An ethereal destructible eye will be cast by Reyna which will make the enemies who look at it nearsighted. If enemies want to see properly again, they can shoot the eye that is visible among the purple cover.

Reyna’s Ult Ability: Empress

With this ability, Reyna can get a higher firing speed, equip and increased reload speed too. If you get a kill, then this duration will be renewed. If Empress is active, then Devour will be cast automatically on killing an opponent without consuming the orb. Dismiss, on the other hand, will cause her to be invisible as well. This is useful to change your location and catch an enemy off-guard.

So, as Reyna, your main goal should be to get max kills in order to make the most of her abilities. If you do manage to get kills, she will transform into a powerful agent due to her unique abilities.

The Valorant agent Reyna is perfect for those players who have impeccable aim and are sure about getting kills in the game. Only then, her healing powers when combined with the periods of invisibility and more, she is more than capable to be an significant member of your squad. In conclusion, the person in your team who is most optimistic about getting kills should take Reyna as a character.

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