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How To Play And Master Raze In Valorant

Raze is the demolition expert, and everything about her is a bang. If you are one who can easily trap enemies then Raze is the perfect character for you, she will let you corner someone and then blast them off the face of this earth. If you are interested in playing as Raze then you should read until the very end of this guide.

Raze Abilities in Valorant

Raze can blow up anything and her abilities are designed around the same formula, giving her a taste of the explosion with each getting bigger and louder. With Raze you can trap your enemies in a corner and then blow them sky-high.

Make sure that you take a bit of a conservative approach when playing as Reza, this ability to save off your biggest bombs for the perfect moment will win you tons of matches in Valorant.

Blast Pack

Blast Pack is a sort of a stickie grenade that you can throw and it will stick to the surface, this makes the ability unpredictable and if hidden perfectly makes it downright impossible to detect.

Boom Bot

Boom Bot is a robot that Reza has and she can send this in battles as it will go in a straight line, bumping off walls and if it sees an enemy in its frontal cone then it will chase the enemy and blast upon getting close to them.

Paint Shells

This ability is more like a grenade with shrapnel that will do damage by creating sub-munitions. Make sure that you’re careful with this as it can even damage teammates.


Showstopper is the ultimate ability of Reza, and she brings out her biggest gun, the rocket launcher. This will cause massive area damage with whatever it first comes in contact with.

As you can see that Reza’s abilities make her one of the best characters in Valorant but you have to know when exactly to use her abilities to give you the advantage.

This is all there is to know about how to play and master as Reza in Valorant, make sure that you check out how to play as Breach in Valorant as well.