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How To Play And Master Breach In Valorant

Breach in Valorant is a force of nature and his abilities are literally earth-shattering, showing off his brute power in the game. Breach leaves explosives and tremors behind him if you want to know more about Breach in Valorant read until the very end of this guide.

Breach Abilities in Valorant

Breach has been the earth-shattering, groundbreaking power in Valorant, as players discovered this character they learned that the best course of action is to leave a name behind and they destroyed the matches.

Breach makes full use of his abilities to not only benefit himself but also the team, his gadget-laden ability makes him a perfect scout of a character to have on your team that can rush in and clears a path for everyone else.


This ability gives Breach an explosive charge that can be shot through walls and damage enemies on the other side of it.


Flashpoint works in a similar way but instead of a charge, you get a flashbang that you can shoot on a wall or a door and it will penetrate and blind the enemies on the opposite side.

Fault Line

Fault Line is Breach’s signature ability and he uses it to send consecutive earthquakes in a single line that will disorient enemies who get caught in it, making them temporarily unable to aim.

Rolling Thunder (Ultimate Attack)

This is Breach’s ultimate attack and it quite literally is a seismic charge that Breach can send across the map, through the walls making enemies trapped in this knock upwards.

As it shows Breach is a powerful all-rounded character but his abilities best suit him as a supporting character rather than a solo one.

This is all there is to know about how to play and master as Breach in Valorant, make sure to check out Brimstone’e ability in Valorant as well.