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How to Win in Valorant: A Guide for Beginners

Valorant Guide for Beginners

Valorant is a new tactical first-person shooter in the spirit of CS: GO, but with elements of Overwatch. In Valorant, all characters differ in capabilities. In this guide, we will discuss the most important game recommendations for beginners.

Rules of the Game

In fact, the rules in Valorant are very simple. You need to install Spike and wait a while before it explodes. The defensive team at this time should not allow the explosion by any means. If Spike is not yet installed, but one of the teams loses all the players, then the opposite team will automatically become the winner.

Each match involves two teams of five players. Before the start of the battle, you can choose one of the agents available to you. Each of them has three unique abilities and one ultimate skill. Players cannot select two identical agents in one match. Dead soldiers can be returned to duty only when using an individual agent’s ultimate skill. In any other case, respawn is prohibited until the start of the next round.

Before each round, fighters receive a certain amount of game currency, which is called credits. The better you prove yourself in the current round, the more credits you will receive before starting the next one. For credits, you can buy weapons, armor, as well as additional unique skills for each class. Next, we will discuss the main recommendations for new players in Valorant.

Remember about Team Play

It should be remembered that Valorant is primarily a team tactical shooter, where interaction with team members will directly affect the outcome of the match. Therefore, do not run ahead alone. Discuss tactics with your comrades and try to cover up the fighters of your team in every way. If you took the initiative into your own hands, and you are doing well, the remaining teammates will definitely follow you.

Use Shift

Valorant is like CS: GO by some mechanics, including quiet walking with the Shift key pressed. If you want to lie low and take the enemy by surprise, then hold down this button and slowly move towards the goal. The absence of the sound of walking will help to quietly sneak to the target and eliminate it.

Use a Knife

After a hot shootout, you will most likely need to find shelter. To get to any obstacle faster, take a knife in your hand. Melee weapons allow you to move faster than when you run with the main weapon or pistol.

Strafe is not Always Good

In many first-person shooters, the user develops the habit of strafe. He simply starts moving in different directions during shooting. But in Valorant, this tactical maneuver has a flip side. The fact is that the dispersion of bullets of automatic weapons increases significantly. Therefore, in order to quickly deal with the enemy, it is best to completely stop before shooting. In this case, the first few shots are guaranteed to hit the target.