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Valorant Mobile – Release Date, Gameplay, And What To Expect?

Here is the release date, gameplay, and what to expect from Valorant Mobile.

Valorant Mobile has become a hot topic as everybody is talking about its release date and gameplay. Valorant has become very popular and has been one of the better games throughout 2020. Roughly around June of 2021, a year after Valorant was released, Riot has mentioned making a Valorant Mobile game. So in this guide, I will be explaining the Release Date, Gameplay, and what to expect from Valorant Mobile.

Valorant Mobile: Release Date, Gameplay, and More

valorant mobile ui

Since the announcement of there being a mobile version of Valorant, no such official information was given by Riot. All we know is that the game is still in development and is expected to be released somewhere in the first quarter of 2022. Like I have mentioned above, no official news has been given as of late so this time frame of 2022 may be subject to change.

The Gameplay of Valorant Mobile is speculated to be similar to how it is on PC but this could be changed as there is no in-game footage of the Gameplay. Although we have seen of the UI is going to look like, at least the bare-bones structure of it. As we can see, it is pretty similar to other FPS Mobile games like COD: Mobile, PUBG Mobile, FreeFire, etc.

Valorant was Riots take on the FPS genre so seeing it being successful on PC made a possibility to get into the Mobile Gaming Market. Other games like I have mentioned above have thrived in the Mobile Gaming Scene and Riots wants a piece of that. They want to bring Valorant to Mobile and make it more accessible like League of Legends: Wild Rift. Whatever they do, it is for certain that the game will be of top quality. If there are any updates in the future we will be updating this article for the same. So do bookmark this page for it.

This was all about Valorant Mobile and what was expected to come. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides on Best Valorant Servers and Competitive Ranking System in Valorant.