5 Best Valorant Discord Servers 2023

Here are some of the Best Valorant Discord Servers that you can join.

Valorant is a team vs team tactical FPS game. Like all FPS games, communication is key. This attribute can either make a team or break a team. You can make friends in Valorant and all but that severely lacks your chances of meeting a lot of players. This is where Discord comes into the picture. Discord is one of the best, if not the best communication medium for gamers. You can find many Valorant Discord Servers where you will meet other players, learn different agents, get new friends, and so much more. In today’s article, I will show you the best Valorant Discord Servers.

Best Valorant Discord Servers 2023

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Now, there are a lot and I mean a lot of Valorant Discord Servers out there. Some good, some great, and some not good. If you want to be a part of the best Valorant Discord Servers out there then check out the list below.

Average Jonas

Average Jonas is a content creator for the pro-EU team, Team Liquid. He is an infamous Sova Main and has a discord channel which is one of the biggest Valorant Discord Server. On his Server, you can meet up with new people, learn any Agent lineups in Valorant that you want, and so much more. The Discord Server has Discussion channels as well as other fun channels like P*mp my Lineup. Joining Average Jonas Valorant Discord Server will level up your gameplay and will help you get amazing new friends.


Yes, Riot Games themselves have a Discord Server. Join the server for the latest stuff and news about their Esports events. Do keep in my that this Discord Server is full most of the time. So keep a track of the Server to know when you can join in. This might be one of the best Valorant Discord Servers you will ever join.

Hiko Homies

Hiko Homies is a Valorant Discord server created by Hiko. He is a pro Valorant player for the Esports Team 100 Thieves NA. His discord server is made for players to find one another with similar ranks. This is perfect if you want to queue up with people of your rank. Top-notch Valorant Discord servers.


Sentinels is a pro-Valorant Team NA and are arguably one of the best team in the world. So, you can join their discord and again meet more people and also find out what the Sentinels team does in their games. They also have other games on their server like Halo Infinite and Apex Legends.

VALORANT ASCENT – Competitive Discord

VALORANT ASCENT – Competitive Discord Server is completely based on the Competitive side of the game. Want to play ranked and need team members? Then this Valorant Discord Server is for you. You will be able to find people of your rank and play competitive games with them easily. You can also look for groups for Scrims, Unrated, and other such activities.

These were the Best Discord Valorant Servers that I had found. Hopefully, these servers are helping you to be the best player you could ever be. You can also check out our guides on Best Discord Alternatives and Best Discord Roleplay Servers.