Valorant: How To Type And Talk In All Chat

Here's how to type and talk in all chat in Valorant.

Valorant from Riot Games is one of the most played FPS by the gaming community. The game has a strong fan base and streamers playing it every day. Even though most of the game mechanisms are explained in the tutorial for you, some are not. Such a feature is how to chat with everyone in Valorant. This might seem confusing but the chat windows usually open for communicating within the team. But there will be situations when you have something to inform all the players like any hackers in the game. So today let us look at how to type and talk in all chat in Valorant.

How to Type and Talk in All Chat in Valorant (2021)

Type and talk in all chat in valorant

To type and talk in all chat in Valorant, you need to press Enter while holding the Shift key. Also, you can type “/all” before typing your message in the chatbox and hitting Enter key. Both methods will send your chat to all players. In the same way, you can type in “/party” at beginning of your messages to talk with your party. This is exactly similar to League of Legends, a game also from Riot Games.

Chat messages from you and the team can be recognized with the words in brackets before all messages pop up in the game. The prefix word ‘(Team)’ will show up for all the team chat messages sent by any players, the same applies for all chat with the word ‘(All)‘. Another chat message type in Valorant is Broadcast, where the types of weapons you got during the ‘buy’ period and weapon requests are shown with ‘(Broadcast)’ in the chat.

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