How To Unlock Elderflame Skins In Valorant?

New Ultra Edition skins are coming to Valorant and this time they are fire breathing dragons. Here's how to get them and how much they cost.

Ever since the twitter account of Valorant posted a GIF of a dragon, people were anticipating a Valorant Dragon skin to be made available for players. The speculations were not far off at all because Riot Games has announced a new skin called Elderflame Skin in Valorant. These skins will appear on July 10 so keep your eyes out for that. Now, let’s see how to get the Elderflame skin in Valorant.

Valorant Elderflame Skins – How to Get them?

As it is with other skins like the Prime Skins, the Elderflame Skins will also be available in the Valorant store in-game. The entire bundle will be priced at 9900 Valorant Points. This will be something around $95. If you want to get the Valorant Dragon skins aka the fire-breathing dragons of Elderflame skins, you have to check the Valorant store on July 10. Here’s the reveal trailer posted by Riot Games:

We weren’t kidding about the transformation from a gun into a dragon. Here’s how it will look during the game.


This set of Elderflame skins will be a part of Ultra Edition skins. We can take a glimpse at how it will work in the trailer video and it looks very exciting. These will take skin customization to a whole new level. Players will also see some custom Death effects (like the huge dragon that appears over a spike) and a new knife that was given a sneak peek in the trailer. Riot Games have really taken a creative route with these skins and we can’t wait to see them in action.


This is everything we know about the Elderflame Skins in Valorant. When it actually releases, we will update this article right away.

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