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Valorant Match History: How To Check It?

Want to know how to check Valorant Match History? Then read this guide to know your stats and how you performed in the previous matches.

Valorant has created waves in the world of competitive gaming with its unique combination of shooting and abilities. Now with the Ranked mode, players are working hard to reach the highest rank of Radiant. There’s also the Spike Rush mode for those who like shorter matches with slightly different rules. Whichever mode you like to play, you are bound to have a fun time while playing Valorant. Since it is a competition, it is crucial to know how you have performed in the previous matches and how well you have been doing. If you want to know how to check your stats and match history, this guide will help you out.

How to Check Valorant Match History?


Checking your match history is easy. All you have to do is visit your Career tab from the main menu.


Over there, you will be able to see the last ten matches and if they ended in a win or defeat. Additionally, you will see how many kills you have got, your wins in rounds, first bloods, spike plants, assists and more.



That is not all. You can also view the stats of other players in the match which will help you understand how you performed in the match. You can select any game from the list and check all the detailed stats of yourself and others in the match.

With the character you chose and the results you got, you can decide your strategy in the matches to come. Will you select the same character? How differently would you tackle a certain situation the next time around? You can plan all of this by checking your Valorant match history. If you performed badly in a match, you will know exactly what went wrong. If you did well, you will know why too.


All of this information is perfect to improve your performance in the matches to come. For more such Valorant tricks, be sure to check our Valorant guides on GamerTweak.