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Valorant Spike Rush Guide – 1000 XP Farming Mode

The most aggressive mode

Want to know what is Spike Rush in Valorant? How it works, how to win in Spike Rush?

Valorant has multiple game modes and Spike Rush is one of them. An aggressive mode where two teams switch roles between defenders and attackers. You can earn up to 1000XP per game in this mode. This XP will be applied to your Battle Pass allowing you to unlock high tier items instantly. The problem is Valorant Spike Rush mode is not easy, and here is what you have to do. I am going to share some tips and tricks here that will help you rule Spike Rush Mode. You have to follow the tactics, need good allies with you, and understand the mechanism to win matches.

What is the match duration in Spike Rush Mode of Valorant?

In regular mode a standard match continues between 30 to 40 minutes. But in Spike Rush mode the match duration is around 8 to 12 minutes. This means you will not have enough time to camp, to think or plan your attack. Just hit everything moving, and there are certain rules also. Due to the short time things will be very fast. Practically this mode is for experienced players who are pro in using abilities and weapons. Because abilities play a big role in Valorant Spike Rush mode.

When match ends in Spike Rush Mode of Valorant?

Team with best of 7 rounds wins the match in Spike Rush Mode. The match will continue until one of the teams has reached the goal. In between, you will switch between Defenders and Attackers after every 3 Rounds.

What are the best weapons for Spike Rush Mode of Valorant?

Every player in Spike Rush Mode will start with the same random weapon no matter if they are playing to Attack or Defend. So here the load-out is pretty much not in players’ control. You can start with random weapons and customize your load-out before entering into the battle.

Will there be Powerup Orbs in Spike Rush Mode of Valorant?

There are Special Powerup Orbs in Spike Rush Mode. There are around 3 to 5 Special Powerup Orb in the game and it will randomly appear on the map. Here is a secret, look for question marks on the mini-map. Run towards the marker and you will get the location of Special Power Orbs in the Spike Rush Mode. Here are the special powers you will get if you can grab one in Valorant.

Valorant Spike Rush Abilities

  1. If you see the first icon from the left, this one is a Special Power Orb that grants a full Ultimate in Spike Rush Mode of Valorant.
  2. The second one grants 30% bonus weapon damage for the rest of the round. So this is a kind of useful ability that amplifies your damage till the end of the round.
  3. The third one with a pistol icon offers you a more powerful weapon.
  4. The fourth icon is an ability that drops a speed boost beacon. Any player in the radius will earn a 33% bonus speed.
  5. The last one will give you 90 temporary damage to all enemies for 8 seconds.

Powerup Orbs are different in Spike Rush that offers you more than regular matches. So be prepared to grab one. Valorant Spike Rush is a competitive mode to keep you sharp in the game. It is a full test of your ability as well as an platform to farm farm 1000XP every match.