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How to Earn XP in Valorant – XP Farming Guide

XP or Experience Points Tips

Unlocking new agents, golden skins, etc can be tedious in Valorant, but there are some fast ways to earn XP in the game. In this article, we will discuss on how to earn XP in Valorant. What is the fastest way for XP farming that can help you to unlock new cosmetics?

What are the different ways to earn XP in Valorant?

XP or Experience Points are the most common stats you will see in many games. Earning XP helps you to level up as well you can unlock new items like Agents, Skins, Gun Buddies, etc. The better item the higher is XP requirement to unlock it. So here are some of the fastest way to farm XP in Valorant. This also includes paid way to unlock premium items.

There are two ways to earn XP in Valorant, first is by completing challenges and second by earning a good score in the matches. You will earn around 100 XP for playing any match and +200XP if you win. So here you can expect to earn around 300XP in a match and an entire session can give you approx 5000 XP max. Or a little higher, Valorant takes a lot about scores and stats. It is not just playing you will also have to be smart in your spending, buying the impacts of the right weapon overall score.

The second way of earning XP in Valorant is by playing Weekly and Daily Challenges. Whenever you log in, you can see some regular challenges in the game. Play them and you will earn XP as a reward. Also, focus on Story and Agent Contracts.

If we talk about how much overall XP you need to unlock everything in Valorant then it is too much. It takes around 25000 XP to unlock Tier 1 and so on for the next 9 tiers which has 50 items to unlock. So grinding is high in Valorant, fastest way to unlock everything in getting a Battle Pass.

Keep playing missions to maximize XP in your account and hopefully, you will be able to level up fast and unlock various cosmetics in the game. The items will not have any impact on your gameplay it is just fun showing the world.

What are Agent Contracts?

Agent Contracts are in the Collection Tabs. Click on Agent and you will see playable contracts. Complete the objective to reach the required XP amount to unlock cosmetics, skins, etc. There are two chapters available in Valorant, playing them will unlock Two New Agents in the game. These are the free ones you can grab. To complete a contract you will have to reach Tier 5 that unlocks all the items between Tier 1 to Tier 5.