Valorant Account Leveling Explained: How To Level Up Your Account

Read this guide to find out more about how to level up your Valorant account and understand how account leveling works in the game.

There is a new Account Leveling feature that will be coming out in Episode 3 of Valorant. This is one of the new features that will be part of the Episode 3 update that will be rolling out soon. It is a preliminary ranking system for your player card in the game. Let’s find out more about this.

How does Account Leveling up work in Valorant?

Valorant Account Leveling

  • To level up your account will need to get Account Points (or AP).
  • You will be able to earn AP by playing matches.
  • The amount of AP that you will earn during each match will be based on the duration and results of the match.
  • You will also be rewarded a bonus amount of AP for your first win of the day while playing Valorant.
  • AP will only go toward your Account Level and does not help to increase your Battlepass level or Agent Contract XP.
  • At the end of a match, the AP that you have now earned will go toward your account level.
  • This will also appear on your Player Card in the form of an evolving Account Leveling up border.
  • Your account level increases and goes up with every 5,000 AP that you earn.
  • As your account will level up, so will your account level border, showcasing an increase of your player card.

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You actually will not start on Level 1 when the new update rolls in. The game will actually calculate your previous matches and on the basis of an average, will calculate your account level and give you the required AP.

This is everything you need to know about Account Leveling in Valorant. Now that you are here have a look at how to fix the Game Filter Not Supported error or how to forfeit a match.