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Valorant: Game Filter Not Supported Fix

Here si what you can do if you get the Game Filter Not Supported Error in Valorant.

Recently, a lot of people have been reporting to get the ‘Game Filter Not Supported’ Error in Valorant. This error is occurring with the gamers who are using the Nvidia Freestyle to personalize their game. This is a third-party file that helps you customize a number of aspects of the game. To help you fix this, we have a guide here that will tell you why you are facing the game filter not supported error in Valorant and if there is a solution to it or not.

Valorant Game Filter Not Supported Error Fix


The Varorant ‘Game Filter Not Supported’ is faced by players who are using Nvidia Freestyle through GeForce Experience. This is because Valorant developers have disabled third-party sites and apps to work with the game. This is because a lot of users had a complaint about a Flash Bug after their patch update. It occurred while using the “Remove HUD” filter. The users now cannot use Nvidia Freestyle through GeForce Experience to customize their gameplay until the developers decide to solve the bug.

Freestyle has various options that could completely change the look of your game. It was easy to access. All the users had to do was press Alt+Z or use the in-game overlay. The 3.0 Valorant patch made the screen not go white when the players used the flash ability of the Agent. Riot Games found out that this bug was triggered when the game was connected to Nvidia Geforce Experience. Hence to preserve the original functionalities and features of the game, Valorant developers decided to completely eradicate this feature compatibility with the game.

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