Valheim: How To Make Stone Circles

Wondering how to get a stone foundation? Here's how to make Stone Circles in Valheim easily.

One of the best things players are doing in this Viking-themed survival game is creating various types of buildings. You’ll see some Viking Longhouses, Fort-like structures, elaborate bases, bridges and even Stone Circles. If you want to make Stone Circles in Valheim and don’t know how to go about it, this guide will help you out. It’s one of the structures that you can make even in the early game section and for those finding it tough to build it, we will provide some easy steps. Just follow this step by step process to build a circle foundation made out of stone.

How to Make a Stone Circle in Valheim

valheim stone circles
Source image: Timo_Redbeard
  • First flatten out the area you want to build the Stone Circle in. Make sure there’s quite an open space that will suit your structure.
  • Next, you need a Stone piece which is 2×1.
  • Place multiple of them in a row as per your requirement.
  • Then keep placing them beside each other until they form a circle.
  • The next step is to fill up the inner section of the stone circle with stone blocks. This will be your stone floor/foundation.
  • You can also create a stone wall all around it.
  • Next, add stone pillars and arches as your requirement.
  • Then go ahead and build your roof, if you wish.

That is the basic process of building a Stone Circle in Valheim that you can use as a solo player or when you are playing with your fellow Vikings.

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Youtuber Timo_Redbeard has mentioned this entire process of making Stone Circles in Valheim in good detail, check out the video below:

You can use this technique and show off your own creativity with the structures you build. Meanwhile, check out how to get stone, how to make stone walls and floors and build a Stonecutter. And since we are talking about stones, here’s how to find and beat Stone Golem in Valheim.