Valheim: How To Customize Your Shield?

Customize your Shield in Valheim

Valheim has gone on to be one of Steam’s best-selling games. And the credit for that goes to Irongate’s unique take on the action genre. Along with the beautiful retro graphics, Valheim also affords players a ton of customization options. Players are able to engross themselves in various life-like activities.  All of this has helped the game reach new heights. Speaking about customization, you can even stylize some items such as the shield. In this guide, we tell you all that you need to know about how to Customize and Style your shield in Valheim.

Customize and Style Shield

How to customize your shield in Valheim.
Make your shield look different.

Weapons are an important part of the game. And when you are playing in multiplayer mode wouldn’t you want to stand out? While you can change your clothes and armor, there is also a way to change your Shield colors. And in this guide, we tell you how to do exactly that.

When you are crafting a shield in Valheim you will have to peel your eyes to notice a small icon that says style. This icon can be found right below the name of the shield. Click on the icon and you will be able to choose a color you want. However, make sure to choose the color before you craft the shield. If you don’t choose a color before crafting you will get a plain shield.

Players should also know that not all shields can be customized. The Bronze and Serpent Scale Shield do no change color. Unfortunately, you cannot show your artistic talents on other weapons. That being said due to the materials and stats, each shield will look unique.

This is all you need to know about how to Customize and Style your shield in Valheim. You can even have a look at our Valheim Wiki or Know about the Different Biomes of Valheim.