How To Get Grass In Valheim

Find out all about how to get Grass in Valheim. Grow, regrow and get rid of Grass using these tips and beautify areas easily.

Curious to know how to make Grass in Valheim? Get information about how to get Grass to grow right here. Plus, keep reading to know how to make grass grow back in case you got rid of it and changed your mind later. You can use this method to regrow it easily.

How to Make Grass in Valheim?

You can grow grass on dirt patches using the Cultivator. With it, you have to right click on your mouse and you will see the Grass option in the pop up. Click on it and you will see circles on the ground where you can grow grass. Place it in a location where you want it to be. Keep putting the grass in all the places you want to fill up with it. That’s basically how you can make Grass in Valheim. Easy peasy, isn’t it? Go ahead and enhance the area around your base with it. Whichever land you have leveled with your Hoe, you can also get grass to grow back there with the Cultivator.

valheim grass to grow back

Note that you need a Forge to make the Cultivator and the crafting materials you require for the Cultivator are 5 Core Wood and 5 Bronze. If you don’t have Bronze yet, keep playing and progressing in the game to get your hands on it. Once you have made the Forge with 4 Stone, 4 Coal, 10 Wood and 6 Copper, you can get on to making the Cultivator.

In case you end up putting grass in a location where you didn’t want it to be, you can use the Hoe to clear the land. Get rid of grass with a hoe and put it where you desire. Valheim’s open world provides you plenty of opportunity to show your creativity and choosing where you want things to be adds to the beauty of this addictive game.

So, this is all you need to know about growing, regrowing and getting rid of grass in Valheim. Don’t forget to check out our other guides to know more about improving your base: