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Valheim: How To Get Amber And Amber Pearls

Here's how to find and get Amber and Amber pearls in Valheim. Also, find out how to convert them to get more resources and get lot more items.

Amber in Valheim is one of the valuable items in the game. Many players want to know how to get Amber and how to use it. In this guide, you will find out what Amber is for in this Viking-themed survival game. Plus, find out how to get Amber Pearls as well.

How to Get Amber in Valheim?

Valheim Amber location

You can find both Amber & Amber pearls in the Burial Chambers dungeon in Meadows and the Black Forest biomes. Ambers are found inside Chests and can be picked from the ground here. Also, you can get it as a drop from the enemies you kill. All you have to do to obtain it is explore and defeat all hostile creatures in the dungeon. Clear out these enemies and approach the treasure chests present in the vicinity. You will find Amber as well as many other items in those chests. Moreover, you may also find Amber lying around on the ground.

How to Use Amber

You can use Amber to exchange something from the traveling Merchant, Haldor. After finding his location which will be indicated by a bag icon, you must approach him and talk to him. You can sell some Amber to him in return for Coins. As of now, Amber is not used in any crafting recipe and solely as something to give to the trader. For players finding it difficult to find this Merchant, just make sure to have patience because his appearance is random.

Apart from just Amber, there’s also the Amber Pearl which you will find in Burial Chambers. Even this can be sold to the Merchant for some Coins. If you end up finding some Rubies then Haldor will buy them from you too.

With the Coins that you get from Haldor, you can purchase few important items from him like Ymir Flesh, Megingjord, Fishing Rod, etc. The Megingjord in particular will help you increase your carry weight limit from 300 to 450. All the other items that the Trader has for sale will also benefit you in some way or the other.

That’s everything about how to get Amber in Valheim. While you are here, check out how to get more resources easily via our Valheim Wiki.